How Long Does Microblading Last? (All You Need To Know About Microblading)

There’s no denying that microblading adds an attractive change to the eyebrows. But here’s an important question. How long does microblading last? And here’s another one. Is microblading worth the effort and time?

The outcome can last anywhere between 9 and 15 months. It all depends on multiple factors, which I have discussed below. After going through the article, you’ll be able to determine if the time taken to complete the process is justified or not. And FYI, that’s about 3 to 4 hours.


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So here’s everything you need to know about how long does microblading last.

How to Ensure Long-Lasting Microblading Results?


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What’s the greatest benefit of microblading? The fact that it offers all tattoo advantages without staying on permanently! Isn’t that amazing!

The results of microblading are semi-permanent. And that’s quite evident given the main topic of this article. By semi-permanent, I mean that miroblading lasts for minimum nine months and maximum 15 months.

The procedure includes the placement of pigment in your epidermal/dermal junction. This particular pigment stays put on a semi-permanent basis. Unlike a tattoo that goes deeper into the skin. As a result of which the ink doesn’t fade with time.

So in the case of microblading, the pigment placement is incredibly useful if you wish to change the color. Or decide to discontinue the fake brows.

Here’s another reason why microblading is better than getting a tattoo. Skin tends to change with age, right? Since miroblading is semi-permanent, you get the opportunity to change the placement and shape.

What looks good in your 40’s might not look the same in the 50’s. So you can keep altering the shape depending on the changes in your physical features. And style, of course!

But here’s the most important question. How to ensure lasting microblading results? What you see below is a list of instructions that you need to follow. That is if you want your brows to last for a longer time!

  • Don’t neglect aftercare instructions.
  • During the recovery process, avoid sunlight.
  • A proper touch up after the completion of six weeks is important. Especially if you desire long-term effects!
  • During healing, don’t use makeup over the brows.
  • Waxing every 2 months after the procedure is essential to maintaining the shape of the brow.
  • Keep your diet healthy and water consumption up to the mark during recovery. Such a practice keeps your skin well-hydrated.

Once you incorporate these rules, you’re doing everything in your power to encourage longevity.

Failing to do so doesn’t mean you won’t get optimal results. It just means that your microblading might fade sooner than expected. Instead of lasting for 9-15 months, it might start to fade in less than 6-9 months.

Microblading Update: 1 Year Later

Factors Responsible for Reducing Results


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Now it’s time to address a different concern. Most factors that contribute to minimizing the long-term effects of microblading are under your control. And they’re all listed below.

  • Nutritional status. A healthy diet directly influences the healing process.
  • Skin hydration. Drinking lots of water does help.
  • Aftercare instructions should not be neglected. Such as avoiding the sun, lotion, makeup, etc. during healing.
  • Smoking is also not advisable. As it tends to reduce recovery time. While also contributing to early fading of the pigment!

Now, this is a list of factors that are not under your control.

  • Age. Younger skin has the ability to retain the pigment for a longer time than older skin.
  • The same applies for oily skin. More oil equals shorter results.
  • Severe sun damage.
  • Immune function issues and genetics.
  • A hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism. Even estrogen dominance might impact skin pigmentation.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes or high BP (blood pressure).
  • High-stress levels.

So how long does microblading last? The answer depends on both controlled and uncontrolled factors. But if you follow the guidelines listed so far, you can make the results last for the longest time.

Even with oily skin, you’re able to retain as much as 85 percent of the pigment. And that too before the touch up! As for after the touch up, you’ll see a big difference in the brows! This is why touch ups on time, six weeks preferably, are essential to the long-lasting process.

How Long Does Microblading Last without Touch Up?


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The extra procedure of touch up helps in solidifying the shape. So the microblading can last for a significant period of time. But not everybody wants to opt for touch up. Or can pay for the extra cost. So what happens then? In that case, you shouldn’t expect the brows to last for a longer time.

Without touch up, microblading starts to fade before 2-6 months. Again, this depends on both controllable and uncontrollable factors. And with touch up, your brows have the ability to stay on for 12 to 15 months.

So you see how huge the difference is? All the more reason to get the touch up done, don’t you think?

How to Fade Microblading?


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There are cases where men and women wish to fade their brows. The most common reason being unhappiness with the results! So here are six ways to fade brows.

1. Neglect Aftercare Instructions

This involves cleansing your brows at least twice a day. But please use a mild cleanser for the job.

2. Exercise and Sweat

Sweating liberates the pigments and draws them to the top surface. And by sweating I mean dripping sweat. A task that you can accomplish only by exercising! In that context, high-intensity physical training should do the trick.

3. Facials and Microdermabrasion

More advanced procedures include facials and microdermabrasion. They help in exfoliating your upper layers to eliminate the pigment. Several microdermabrasion sessions can result in definite lightening of microblading.

4. Sauna

To be more specific, the FAIR IR sauna is more effective. It results in deep sweating, which pushes out the microblading pigments. 15 minutes per session, and 3 times per week.

5. Exfoliation

Gentle cleansers contain certain chemicals that accelerate cellular turnover. Vitamin A in the form of Retinol is another component responsible for performing the same function. (How to create new skin cells naturally?)

On its own, your skin takes at least 60 days when it comes to replacing old cells with new. So you can use Retinol as it shortens that time frame to 20-25 days.

6. Avoid Touch Up

Feel free to skip the touch up if you want your brows to fade sooner. It’s the most effective method on the list.

The End

All common questions have been answered in this post. How long does microblading take? How long does microblading last? How to ensure long-lasting results? Or vice versa!

Just make sure that you find the right artist or stylist for the undertaking. His/her style should fit your particular needs and requirements. So take a look at their work before selecting them for the job.

If you have anything more to add, then please don’t hesitate to share your information with us here. Simply scroll down to get to the comments section.

I hope you found what you were looking for in the article.

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