Crawling Sensation In Ear Causes (What Is The Best Treatment?)

If you’re feeling a crawling sensation in ear, it’s not something weird. Such an experience is quite common. But equally scary and traumatic! So much so that you start to wonder if it’s an insect or bug making a home inside your ear!

But hold on for a second. And breathe a sigh of relief. There are many causes for such crawling sensation in ear. And an insect or bug might not be one of them. So let’s find out what these reasons are, shall we?

Following which I have discussed some natural, practical remedies as well. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Crawling Sensation in Ear: Possible Causes


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The majority of cases are good enough to handle without any professional help. But some of them do require medical assistance. So let’s discuss all potential causes in detail. This way you can gain a better understanding of the proper solution.

Cause #1 – Insect/Bug in the Ear

More often than not, finding an insect or bug inside your ear is highly unlikely. But not impossible!

So why would a bug choose to enter the ear? I mean your ear is not the ideal environment for bugs or insects. Or is it? Negligence toward personal hygiene does create an unhealthy environment inside the ear.

The majority of such cases can be handled without having to pay a visit to your doctor. But sometimes, medical guidance seems like the only solution to the problem.

It feels like something moving in my ear. If that’s your concern, then something probably is.

Cause #2 – Ear Infection

An infection ranks among the topmost causes of crawling sensation in ear. Tickling sensation in ear canal often stems from an infection. And this happens when you don’t clean the ear enough. Or when the ear is moist for a long time!

It can develop fungal infections, which is what gives rise to the crawling feeling.


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Cause #3 – Wax Deposits

An optimal level of ear wax is essential. But excessive ear wax is not. It tends to create problems. Not that too much wax is just unhygienic. It can even cause crawling feeling in outer ear.

So what you probably think is an insect or bug crawling is actually some extra ear wax. Don’t blame the poor creatures for your tingling sensation, all the time at least.

Cause #4 – Sensory Feeling

This sensory feeling comes in the form of a tingling sensation. And when that’s the case, it might be a condition known as Paraesthesia. In these moments, the best to do is to consult with your doctor. He/she will properly diagnose the problem. Before coming up with the perfect solution that is!

The medical term for crawling sensation in ear is called Paraesthesia. And it is nothing but an outer ear tingling sensation.

Cause #5 – Inner Ear Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms, really? Now, this might sound unusual but it can be true. Contractions of the muscles present inside the ear stimulate tingling feelings. This is how you end up feeling like something’s crawling inside the ear.

And here’s why your ear itches:

Ear Problems : Why Does My Ear Itch?

Crawling Sensation in Ear: Natural Remedies

1. Maintain Hygiene


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Proper hygiene on a personal level can go a long way. If the unpleasant feeling is due to excessive wax, you have to make it a priority to keep those ears clean.

Even otherwise, it’s necessary to maintain hygiene. Especially if you don’t wish to go through such problems every now and then!

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2. Baby Oil


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Whoever said that baby oil is a product only for babies never experienced crawling sensation in ear. Using baby oil as a treatment method at home does more than you can imagine. It kills the insect or bug. But, unfortunately, the oil doesn’t remove it. For that, you need to go to the doctor.

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3. Dry Ear


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In the case of fungal infections, taking prescribed medication is necessary. Another essential step is to keep that ear dry. A moist ear canal breeds fungal infections and the like. So make it a point to clean the ears after every swimming session. Such a habit also helps in stimulating quick healing and future prevention.

4. Ear Washers


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Products like the Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System are useful and quite effective. Much better than using Q tips! It’s an easy home remedy to get rid of that uncomfortable sensation in ear.

Ear washers are inexpensive treatment methods that quickly clean the ear canal. They are quite popularly used in medical clinics, doctor offices, and hospitals.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Add some hydrogen peroxide (one-fourth) into the bottle. And fill the remaining with lukewarm water.
  • Insert the tube into your ear gently until its stopper is flat against it.
  • ​Now is the time for you to tilt your head toward the shoulder. But before doing that, place a catch basin right underneath the earlobe. This is to prevent the water from trickling onto the floor.
  • Then squeeze the trigger slowly. Make necessary adjustments whenever required. The goal is to get the water flowing.
  • ​Continue squeezing till all the wax starts to drain out.
  • Initially, it might be difficult to use the ear washer. But don’t give up as the thing works quite effectively.

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5. Alcohol and Water Solution


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Instead of hydrogen peroxide, you can also make use of alcohol. Crawling and tingling feelings are often an outcome of foreign elements. And at such times, the best thing to do is expose them to alcohol. Diluted with water of course!

Flushing away foreign particles from the ear in order to clean it does seem like a highly effective treatment method. The kind that you can try at home without any professional help! That’s the best part, isn’t it?


So now you know that there are many causes for that crawling sensation. And it’s important to pay attention to the feeling. So you can do something about it. Even if the reason is not in the shape of an insect or bug, it demands attention. But not a medical one necessarily! You can opt for home remedies as well.

What if even after subjecting your ear to such treatment methods the tingling sensation doesn’t seem to go away? At that point, professional help is needed. So don’t think twice before paying a visit to an ENT physician (ears, nose, and throat).

Have you ever experienced such a situation in the past? If yes, then I’d love for you to drop in your feedback. You can even share the post if you like.

All the best with that crawling sensation! Don’t let the bugs bite. Just kidding!

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