Can You Freeze Soy Milk Without Spoiling It? (All You Need To Know)

Vegan or not vegan, you consider soy milk as the best alternative to regular milk. And you’re pretty darn right about that. The thing about soy milk is that it’s an excellent option for those who are lactose intolerant. Or vegan, of course!

Not many people can digest normal cow’s milk. Or regular dairy products! And milk is an important ingredient for a proper daily diet. So switching to soy milk can seem like a blessing in disguise in such scenarios.

But the downside here is the expensive price of soy milk. So after you spend so much money on it, you don’t want even a drop to go to waste. Am I right? In that case, can you freeze soy milk for long-term storage? Let’s find out below.

Can You Freeze Soy Milk?


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It doesn’t matter if you’re unable to consume the whole carton or batch of soy milk immediately. Storing it safely is an option, fortunately. You have two choices here when the milk is about to expire. Throw it out or freeze it. The former is a waste of money while the latter saves money.

So can you freeze soy milk? Heck yeah!

You can but you might not want to. Let me explain.

Soy milk is not anything like cow’s milk. Obviously! It contains a different set of ingredients. And when fresh, such ingredients combine to form a creamy, smooth beverage. So it’s only logical to assume that this texture changes when frozen.

At the time of freezing, the ingredients separate. So when they reach the defrosting stage, the consistency becomes flaky and messy. This particular texture is not healthy to drink or add to beverages. But you can use it for preparing smoothies and cooking.

Is Soy Bad for You?

This gives rise to another important question.

When Should You Freeze Soy Milk?


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The best time to freeze soy milk is when the product is near the expiration date. Because that’s when you realize you cannot use it for anything. Sometimes we tend to buy everything in bulk when shopping at the supermarket. As a result of some special discount or sheer excitement! So the soy milk is just sitting there, waiting to be used. While also slowly approaching its expiration date!

Now keep in mind that an unopened can of soy milk can be stored in your pantry for almost a year. But as soon as you open it, the clock starts ticking. And the time frame here is around 14 days, that’s two weeks. And longer if it’s kept in the fridge or freezer!

Also, check the expiration date prior to placing the carton inside your freezer.

How to Freeze Soy Milk?


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Now that you’ve already bought the milk in bulk, it’s time to find out how to save all that money. Freezing it and then defrosting it without ruining the essence demands the use of a proper technique. You begin by shaking the carton vigorously. This helps in reducing separation at the time of freezing.

My advice to you would be to transfer the opened can of milk to an airtight container. Don’t use freezer bags as soy milk tends to expand. When frozen, soy milk can expand. And this might cause the freezer bag to pop open.

When you make use of freezer-friendly containers, you can leave some headspace in the top part. So the milk gets enough room to expand if need be.

Soy milk consists of water and few other ingredients. These ingredients require additional room inside the storage container to adapt to the freezing process. That much is clear, isn’t it?

Before you place the milk inside your freezer, don’t forget to double check the seal. No amount of air should be allowed to enter the container. So please make sure that the seal is tight and secure.

Now you can label and mark the storage date for your reference. There’s no need to use a single container, right? So date all the containers. This way you can preserve the whole batch for as long as possible.

And when opening these containers, expect the milk to have expanded all this time. Now you can defrost soy milk and transform it into creamy, smooth milk once again.

What Affect Does Freezing Have On Soy Milk?


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Once again I’m going to talk about how soy milk is different from cow’s milk. The former is made up of several ingredients. These, when frozen, have the capacity to separate. The outcome of which is a change in texture. The mixture becomes flaky. And that means soy milk is no longer smooth and creamy like its original self.

Not many people are fond of such an altered texture. This is the primary reason why manufacturers advice against freezing soy milk.

But here’s the good news. Freezing the product doesn’t have any impact on its nutrients. Soy milk is just as safe and healthy after freezing as it is before. So it’s only a matter of taste. What you can do is try it out yourself. For all you know, you might end up liking the texture after the milk has been subjected to freezing.

Can you freeze soy milk? The answer is YES. And this sounds like delightful news for those who can’t digest normal milk. Soy milk is an excellent substitute for regular dairy milk. And you can use it in recipes like smoothies, soups, or baked goods.

For How Long Can You Store Soy Milk?


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The shelf-life of soy milk is pretty long. The majority of soy milk available at grocery stores has the same shelf life as cow’s milk. And that is about six months from the production date. This is only applicable to unopened, sealed boxes.

As for refrigeration, soy milk sealed inside containers without an airtight seal doesn’t last for a long time. The shelf life becomes shorter, one week to be more specific. From the date of bottling or packaging!

On the other hand, powdered form of soy milk has a longer shelf life. This version is considered to be more suitable for those who consume the milk on an occasional basis. The chances of dry powdered form of soy milk lasting for almost a year are not uncommon.

When you freeze soy milk right before the expiration date, it can last in your freezer for six whole months. At the same time, its taste doesn’t get compromised.


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The End

So what’s the answer to the question, can you freeze soy milk? It’s YES. And I have discussed the proper way of doing so.

With that in mind, do you have any more useful tips you’d like to share with us here?

The comments section is open to all. So don’t think twice before dropping in your thoughts and feedback.

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