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Best White Noise Machine for Your Baby

 As a lucky parent with a newborn, you may find it easy to put your child to sleep. However, for most parents, getting a child to sleep through the night is a challenging task. If your baby keeps waking up at night, you may need to consider getting a white noise machine.

A white noise machine is soothing and lulls your baby to sleep in a few minutes. Also, these machines allow your child to sleep uninterrupted, which means extended sleep hours for you as a parent.

Here’s everything you need to know about white noise machines and why you should invest in one of our top picks.

Best White Noise Machine Comparison Table

White Noise Machines FAQ

Here are some questions about sound machines

What is a Sound Machine?

A sound device is a unit that produces a set of sounds to help your baby sleep. These machines go by other names like sound conditioners, white noise machines, or noise machines.

Is there a Difference between a Sound Machine and a White Noise Machine?

Often, people confuse these two terms and may refer to one as another. However, these two have a difference in that white noise machines only play static sounds. However, sound machines produce nature sounds and a variety of melodies. Moreover, sound devices play white noise, apart from the melodies and other sounds.

How is a White Noise Machine Powered?

White noise devices use batteries, a USB plug, or wall sockets. Battery-operated devices are portable, though they can be expensive to replace. You may need to buy rechargeable batteries. Also, you can opt to buy a white noise device that has battery and adapter power options.

What Kind of Sounds Does the Machine Make?

White noise machines generate a fuzzy static sound to soothe your baby to sleep

Is There an Alternative to a White Noise Machine?

Yes, you can recreate a white noise machine by using a fan, a washing machine, or an old radio. These items are readily available around the house and would be an inexpensive option.

Why Should You Use a White Noise Machine?

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Investing in the best white noise machine for your baby has multiple benefits like:

Helps Your Baby Sleep for Extended Hours

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As a new parent, you do understand how difficult it is to get your child to sleep within a set timeframe. Babies can get fussy and colicky, which can affect their sleep pattern. Nevertheless, investing in a white noise machine can make things comfortable as it allows your little one to adapt to these sounds, therefore remaining asleep for more hours.

The Machine Blocks out Other Noises

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Sometimes noises from other rooms can interfere with your child’s sleep especially if you don’t have a soundproof nursery. You need to block these noises as they can keep your child awake. Getting white noise machines downs out these noises, leaving you with a calm environment for your baby.

White Noise Machines Soothes your Baby

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Babies can be stressed with the new faces around, the lights, the excitement, and other things going around. White noise machines block the stimulation, thereby reducing stress in your child. Also, the calming effect helps babies cry for less.

Lowers the Risk of SIDs

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The sudden infant death syndrome is the unexplained death of a less than a year infant, which occurs in their sleep. While there’s no scientific proof as to why white noise reduces the risk of SIDS, experts believe that the sound reduces active sleep. Most babies who suffer from SIDS are in their active sleep.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We evaluated the various benefits and features of white sound machines. Our ratings looked at user reviews on major retail websites and informational resources. We understand how essential your child’s sleep is, and this is why we spent time doing our homework to find you the best white noise machine for your baby.

Top 8 Best White Noise Machines for Your Baby

If you’re considering getting a white noise machine, below are some top choices to think of in 2019.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep White Noise Sound Machine

When looking for a white noise machine that is both functional and cute, you need to find the Cloud B Sleep sheep sound machine. The device comes inside a stuffed sheep toy. You can attach the doll to the crib with a Velcro. Also, you can machine wash the toy.

Apart from producing white noise, the Cloud B machine plays a mother’s heartbeat, nature sounds, and lullabies. You can adjust the volume to make it audible to your baby.

What’s more, the white noise machine comes with automated timer options. The first one goes off after 20 minutes and the other after 45 minutes. The only disadvantage is that the Cloud B machine doesn’t produce actual white noise. Nonetheless, it has a rain sound that comes close to white noise.

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine

The Marpac Dohm machine is a highly-rated machine, the reason why it’s a top best-seller in the market. It has an inside fan which plays a classic sound to help you soothe your baby. Also, it’s an excellent option for parents who would rather have the sounds play through the night.

Furthermore, the machine is portable, which allows you to travel with it when the need arises. Most parents appreciate the quality acoustic sound which is calming, unlike other devices which can be irritating as they, play digitally recorded white noise.

The machine won’t blow air directly to your baby, making it an ideal option during winter. Unfortunately, the machine is not attractive like Cloud B. Also, it lacks a timer, which can be limiting if you want your child to outgrow the white noise.

Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine

The Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine is one of the most affordable and portable white noise machines in the market. Weighing at only three ounces, the machine is light to carry around when traveling.

Moreover, it comes with options for gentle ocean sounds, deep white noise, and bright white noise. You can fasten the machine to a car seat, stroller, or the baby’s bed. The best part is that the machine comes with a child lock, which means your baby won’t be able to adjust the volume.

Most parents love the fact that the machine is reliable and durable. They also appreciate the high-quality sound and the USB cable that allows you to recharge your machine. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a timer, which means you’ll need to manually switch off the white noise machine.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

The Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle soother is a compact machine that doesn’t occupy much of your space. It’s portable and lightweight, a feature that comes in handy when you need to travel with a fussy baby.

Also, it has a timer that you can set for either 15 or 30 minutes. The option to adjust the volume gives you the opportunity to understand what noise levels work for your child. Although the sound is loud, it’s gentle and gives off a shushing rhythm to relax a baby.

However, the machine is a disappointment as it’ only battery-operated. You can’t plug it in a computer or a wall socket to recharge it. The batteries last for ten hours, which can lead to more expenses. Moreover, it’s expensive, lacks essential capabilities, and features like a night light or a white noise option.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

If you are looking for something cheerful and bright for your nursery décor, the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is an excellent addition. The sound and light machine uses batteries, and comes with a remote.  

Unlike other machines, the Sea dreams play real-life images with lights and motions effect, something that keeps your child busy in his crib. Furthermore, the machine has a universal crib attachment that can you can fit any crib. Also, you can attach it to the crib’s railings.

The drift off feature is a fantastic addition to the white noise machine. This means that the sea motions stop at ten minutes and volume goes down. After ten minutes, the lights go off and the volume further decreases. The machine goes off at 25 minutes and goes into a standby mode.

Big Red Rooster Sound Machine

The Big Red Rooster sound machine boasts of fantastic sound quality that masks out other sounds. Also, it allows you to leave the music on during the night to help your baby sleep for an extended period.

Another notable feature is that the Big Red, white sound machine uses batteries and you can charge it via an outlet. It’s light enough for travel, and it’s the best budget-friendly sound machine. You can explore other sound options like heartbeat rhythms and nature sounds.

Sound and Sleep Sound Machine

The sound and sleep sound machine is a best-seller as it has a variety of ambient and natural sounds. You can choose from brown, pink, and white noise. What’s more, it has a recording option to make the sounds easily accessible.

You’ll love the fact that you can program the noise-reduction timer at intervals of 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. The buttons dim to reduce sleep disruption. A headphone jack enables you to privately listen to the sounds.

Apart from being portable, the machine comes with a year manufacturer’s warranty.

Homedics White Noise Sound Machine

The Homedics white noise machine has different nature sounds like Brook, Summer Night, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, and White Noise. Your baby can rest easy thanks to the adjustable volume setting. This machine can mask out undesirable background noises.

What’s more, the machine uses both batteries, and you can plug it into the wall as it comes with an adapter. The auto-off feature sets the timer at different frequencies. Alternatively, you can let the machine stay on all night.

The machine’s unique rhythmic sounds comfort your baby and lull him to sleep. The only disadvantages are that the knobs can break easily and the green light can be a distraction to a sleeping baby.

Why Should You Use a White Noise Machine?

Buying the best white noise machine for your baby is vital. You can now find a variety of these machines at different prices. The buyer’s guide gives you some essential tips to help you pick an ideal white noise machine depending on your budget and the top-rated models.

Here are essential factors to consider when shopping for a white noise machine.

Determine the Kind of White Noise Machine you require

You can find several kinds of white noise machines in the market mainly:

  • A stuffed animal white noise machine
  • A portable white noise machine
  • Plug-in white noise machine
  • Combination white noise machine

Stuffed animal white noise machines are a favorite with most parents as the machine comes fitted in the animal. Moreover, you get a toy for your baby to play with as well. The best part with these machines is that you can remove the device, and wash the animal.

Portable white noise machines have a battery power option, which allows you to carry it when traveling with the baby. Latest white noise machines have a USB cable and rechargeable batteries.

You need to plug in the plug-in white noise machines in an electrical outlet for them to work. There are plenty of options to choose from if you’re worried about saving energy. Combination white noise machines come with additional features like a night-light projector, an alarm clock, and a baby monitor.

Consider the Sound Made

The best white noise machines produce different sounds. Some favorite sounds are a fuzzy static noise, ambient nature sounds, and animal sounds. You need to do your homework to find a device that will best calm your baby.

Understand the Available Power Options

Sometimes you need to travel with your child, and you need a product that’s not only portable but also gives you flexible power options. A few sound machines have an AC adapter, while others operate using batteries. You can find a noise machine with both power options.

Check the Timer

Sleep times come in handy when you need to wean the baby off the need to have soothing noises during sleep. A white noise machine turns off the timer, allowing your baby to adjust to familiar environmental sounds. What’s more, as your baby gets older, he can reduce the reliance of the machine.

Get a Nightlight and an Image Projector White Noise Machine

Having your baby look at something while in bed helps him sleep faster, something that can calm the baby. Modern white noise machines project an image on the ceiling or a wall, which helps to soothe your baby. What’s more, the light gives you a chance to check on your sleeping child without turning on the light which could interfere with their sleep.

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