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Best Herb, Tobacco and Spices Grinder for Weed and Dry Herbs, With Pollen, Kief Catcher. By Kozo Grinders. Black Aluminium 4 Piece Crasher .

You've made the right choice for opting for the best weed grinder for doing most of the work. At some point you must have asked yourself the question; is grinding weed with a professional grinder that necessary?

A weed grinder is a simple device that turns herb into a fine powder. The kind of consistency that is impossible to get through traditional methods.

Well, grinding your weed isn't an option anymore. It's the norm especially when you want high-quality and soft weed. Without a proper weed grinder, rolling a joint or smoking from a pipe feels mediocre. From saving your methods of consuming weed from disaster, you might want to buy the next best thing.

Best Weed Grinders in 2018


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It’s obvious you want the best quality weed for your adventures. You need something that produces well-shaved weed consistencies in less time and with clean-up. If you're new to weed grinders, let us tell you that it's not at all confusing to buy a durable and efficient grinder.

We've applied some of our best efforts to finding the right grinder for you. Based on performance, quality, ergonomics, and portability, we've compiled what you need.

Weed Grinder Name




Golden Gate Grinders (Editor's Choice)

#1 Editor's Choice



Cali Crusher Herb Grinder




Zip Grinders Large Herb Grinder




GSTAR 4-Stage Herb Grinder




Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder




SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter




Black Tie Grinder 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum




If you can't find the time and effort to process weed, it's time to upgrade. People who bought weed grinders benefited a lot. So you need a particular weed grinder depending on your personal needs and expectations. That's why our review of the top 7 choices will help you achieve your dream of the perfect grind.

1. Golden Gate Grinders – The Best Overall Weed Grinder

This grinder is the perfect complement for processing weed. It is a powerful weed grinder of premium grade material aluminum. The Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Grinder has a nice black finish with a magnetic top. The stainless steel mesh is paramount for filtering weed in the least messy manner. (Mistakes you make when smoking weed)

If you're going to buy something high-grade, you might as well opt for this best weed grinder. Its affordable price bodes well with the accurate and balanced grinder capacity. The neodymium magnet top keeps the weed locked in until the grinding process is complete.

With enough features for a silent grind, it offers two durable plastic scrapers. You'll find that this grinder grinds weed faster and finer than any you've used before. It's even easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the strong build and smooth texture.

Be that as it may, the Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Grinder doesn't feature a large weed chamber. This chamber collects the weed after the grinding process is complete.


  • It features a lifetime warranty.
  • The durable build delivers fine, grounded weed.


  • The weed catcher is tiny.

2. Cali Crusher Herb Grinder – The Best Cali Crusher Grinder for a Quick Grind

If you want something more consistent and speedy, the Cali Crusher Herb Grinder is a solid choice. It ensures the weed breaks down to the right consistency for use. The superior quality, affordability, and appearance are worth the money.

It features four durable chambers made of heavy-duty billet aluminum. It features stainless steel screens that are easy to clean and handle. The threads make it easy to grind and collect the weed, even when you're outdoors. Plus, the strong magnetic top promises fewer accidents.

We found that the grinding pegs on this best weed grinder are sturdy and robust. The fact is that they're built to last for a long time. Leaving no weeds unrefined, the grinding chamber is suitable for processing finer weeds.

The only thing we didn't appreciate was the cargo compartment. You'd have a spare a few seconds to unscrew that chamber to access it. But above all else, it doesn't cause a major inconvenience.


  • The chambers are large enough for all types of grinds.
  • It comes with a durable pollen scraper.


  • It takes some time to unscrew the cargo compartment.
  • The size is too small.

3. Zip Grinders Four Piece – The Best Designer Weed Grinder to Use

The Zip Grinders Four Piece Large Herb Grinder is a good designer weed grinder for most people. It boasts high quality as well as design. This best weed grinder features a durable aluminum grade build with a pollen scraper. It's a well-defined 4-piece weed grinder with 49 diamond sharp shaped teeth. This is best suitable for handling finer weeds. (Odd facts about marijuana)

The best part about this grinder is that it's twice the size and comfort than other grinders. The clear top and side screen are also huge plus points. The grinding chamber holds large amounts of weed. That said, we also loved the grinding chamber material.

The capacity of the chamber and features work well with the way this designer grinder fits. But we found the grinding chamber does produce a little noise. At least for the first few grinds.


  • The magnetic lock is very stable and tough.
  • The aluminum grade design is long-lasting.


  • It makes noise for the first few grinds.

4. GSTAR 4-Stage Herb Grinder – One of The Best Grinder Brands for Portability

For an even grind, the GSTAR 4-Stage Herb Grinder is a good option. We recommend this grinder for the sleek, sharp features. It's the best portable weed grinder we found. With easy cleanup and a compact body, this best weed grinder makes it simple to travel with.

For people opting for quality over price, they'll love the magnetic top and grinder teeth. It is efficient and offers smooth operation with minimal cleanup. Some call this grinder a cost effective tool for rapid grinds and changes. The 500-micron pollen screen fits well with the strong grinder teeth.

The GSTAR 4-Stage Herb Grinder is a tad heavy. The strong alloy construction and high-grade features contribute to its weight.


  • It is compact and durable for outdoor use.
  • The zinc alloy construction comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is a heavy-duty weed grinder.

5. Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher – The Best Practical Weed Grinder to Use

Platinum Grinders is a company that excels at manufacturing top quality equipment at an affordable price. And this best weed grinder is proof of that. It is a perfect herb grinder that you’re bound to value for many, many years.

Premium ultra-strength aircraft grade aluminum is used for construction. And that’s not all. This material is precision milled as well. To add extra toughness and durability! So there are no disappointments to be discovered in that department.

The teeth are blazing sharp and designed to deliver effortless shredding and extreme efficiency. They grind just the amount you require. Nothing less, nothing more! So there’s no chance of having to deal with excess or shortage.

The magnets are built using incredibly strong neodymium that enables proper lid closure. This also keeps the herbs odorless and fresh. What’s more? The textured grooves located on the bottom and top pieces. It goes without saying that these grooves are crafted to provide an anti-slip grip. This is useful at the time of shredding and grinding the herbs.

And lastly, the stainless steel equipped filter that screens and collects fine powder. So every little and large component is designed flawlessly to deliver a pleasant grinding experience.

The Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder is a perfect 4-piece model created for precision. The only factor responsible for that is the practical construction of every single part. Like the sharp teeth that make the process of grinding seem effortless. The O-ring that enables smooth grinding with minimal friction.The strong neodymium magnets, which offer odor control and freshness.

So don’t leave any room for doubt as far as the design of the grinder is concerned.

Now here’s the real problem with the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder. The unit consists of thin threads, which might lead to constant lock ups. And having to deal with something like that tends to ruin the whole experience.


  • The grinder provides consistent, smooth grinding action.
  • It has a scratch-resistant coating.
  • The 


  • Not suitable to withstand daily use.
  • The threads are not thick enough.

6. SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter – The Best Lightweight Weed Grinder

If you want to make a considerable investment in a weed grinder, we also liked the SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter. It's a 4-piece grinder that doubles as a shredder, thanks to its industrial grade build.

Featuring smooth fittings and professional, razor-sharp grinder teeth, this polished grinder offers reliability. The machine quality is durable. The insides of the grinder feature a glossy and mirror-like finish. And you don't have to worry about inconsistent herbs. The sharpness of the teeth makes quick, well-shaved weed in half the time.

The magnetic top, weed collect chamber, and mesh screen are some of its best features.

Even though the price seems a little too steep for a weed grinder, we assure you it's worth the price.


  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • It features a large storage capacity.


  • It's an expensive weed grinder to buy.

7. Black Tie Grinder 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum – The Best Black Tie Grinder on a Budget

The Black Tie Grinder is more suitable for people looking for a high-quality grinder. The four-chamber design is well-balanced, durable, and easy to use. It comes with a simple scraping tool, which is convenient and efficient to use.

Made with the durable anodized aluminum material, this best weed grinder offers exceptional craftsmanship. It leaves no herbs unprepared, thanks to the neodymium magnetic top. This ensures that nothing leaves the grinding chamber. The weed grinder also features metal rings with a fine-filtered screen.

Being one of the best grinder brands on the market, it's priced about the same as any rugged performer. With a compact body, you can expect this grinder to grind weed nonstop.

Even though it offers a couple of practical features, we found the chambers a bit small. This caused overflowing of weed herbs after grinding.


  • It is best for a smooth and uniformed grind.
  • The magnetic top is unyielding and resilient.


  • The chambers are unable to store large amounts of weed at once.
  • It is only a coarse weed grinder.

A Detailed Guide to Weed Grinders

One of the best benefits of using a weed grinder is that you can grind the exact consistency you want. Transforming your weed into a correct, well-shaved consistency is tough. You need something that doesn't encourage clumps. Also, you need something that can process weed into different textures.

To smoke weed, people usually crush the herbs by hand. But that isn't as efficient as using a weed grinder. A high-quality weed grinder gives you more options with minimal cleanup. Its uncompromising usability is worth spending money on.

If you're a beginner at using a weed grinder, you won't find a more simplified approach anywhere else. For buying the best, there are two important questions every purchaser must be able to answer.

● What type of grinder do I want?

● What should I look forward to?

These questions are essential to understanding how weed grinders work. To find the finest grinder from a crowd, you need to know what makes them so versatile and practical.

What are the Different Types of Weed Grinders?

When we talk about the models of weed grinders, we mean the number of compartments they contain. There are three important units of a grinder ranging from 2, 3, and 4-piece. The common and most popular of them all is the 4-piece weed grinder. (The invention and evolution of weed grinders)

2-Piece Grinder

2.5" Aluminum Grinder with Magnetic Top - 2 Piece

This grinder is also known as the beginner's grinder. It comes with a simple single compartment with two pieces. All you have to do is place your weed inside and grind it. The next thing you know you're shaking the shaved weed out and you're done!

The drawback to a 2-piece grinder is that they lack a pollen filter and a kief. They're not as efficient as the rest of the models. But if you need something on a budget, these are the ones to get.

3-Piece Grinder

icxox Grinders Gold Collector's Edition Herb Grinder - 3 Pieces Standard 2 Inches (50mm)

This grinder features an auxiliary chamber for collecting the grounded weeds. This falls below the main grinding chamber. A 3-piece grinder is fast, very efficient, and doesn't allow the weed to clump at any cost.

4-Piece Grinder

Home Inspira 2.5" 4 Pieces Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

This grinder is the one to buy when you want smooth, grounded and well-filtered weed. It consists of 4 chambers. It follows a consistent process of storing, grinding, collecting, and filtering your weed. You won't find a more efficient and accurate weed grinder than this.

How to Choose the Best Weed Grinder?

To make the most out of your weed grinder, you have to be familiar with the options available. Features such as build, performance, price, and portability are essential. They help you find the best weed grinder for the money. Anything that feels bulky, stiff, and inefficient is unreliable. To buy the best, you should know how to see through some of the best weed grinders of the market.

  • Build

The material of a weed grinder is its most significant feature. You'll find wood, metal, and plastic as the most commonly used materials for grinders. The best of them all is metal grinders, especially those of aluminum. They are durable, feature precise chambers, and feel light and portable to use.

  • Price

You might think that price is the most crucial feature to consider, but it's not. Once you decide to buy a weed grinder, the quality, ergonomic, and portability of one is most important. They determine the price of a weed grinder on the market. Should you ever buy one that's expensive, it has to be durable, well-fitted, and practical to use.

  • Portability

Let us tell you that not all weed grinders are portable enough for outdoor use. No matter how pocket-sized a grinder is, its chambers determine its usability. If you're buying a 2-piece grinder, they're not as portable and convenient as the 4-piece. So if you're looking something for travel use or something you can carry around, a 3 or 4-piece grinder is best.


Editor's Choice: Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Grinder

We're happy to tell you that the Golden Gate Grinders 4-Piece Grinder is the best performer. This is a 4-piece grinder that's as affordable and precise as any upgraded weed grinder. It's not at all time-consuming, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. To be fair, it's the most durable weed grinder we found.

Moving forward, as you know we've come toward the end of our detailed review. Buying a weed grinder sounds more time-saving than traditional methods of processing weed. Aside from reviewing grinders, we researched an unbiased guide for your needs. So you could dig a little deeper into the world of weed grinders, we found the why, what, and how of this apparatus.

If you've had enough of handling weed with your fingertips, making the jump to weed grinders is vital. After reading through all this information, you can now make the choice that will fit your needs. Based on your budget and type, finding the best quality won't be much of a hassle.

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