Best Nose Hair Trimmer For Ladies You Need To Know About (2018 Reviews)

	 Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women, with Pivoting Head and Eyebrow Trimmer Attachments, Battery-Operated

Most of us have heard about or seen electric nose hair trimmers for men. They are also called nose shavers or clippers. But why is that so? I mean every single person has a nose and every single nose has hair. This includes women, doesn’t it? So now it’s time to get to know the best nose hair trimmer for ladies.

The majority of women don’t have a problem with nose hair. It’s just when the hair growth starts to exceed the normal rate does it enter the self-conscious and embarrassment territory. Due to factors like genetics or hormonal changes.

But the good news here is that YOU CAN GET RID OF THESE OVERGROWN HAIRS. And even better news is that you’re now able to do so EASILY and PAINLESSLY.

If you liked or agreed with any of my above statements, then I’m sure you’d want to know what lies ahead. In that case, have at it ladies!


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Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies: Top 10 Picks

So here’s a comparison table for those in a hurry. But for those who have enough time on their hands, you can delve into the reviews.

Each model is different than the other. But they all perform the same function. And that is to eliminate nose hair in the most efficient manner. So pick any and you won’t be wrong.

Hair Trimmer Name


Manual Or Electric



#1 Editor’s Choice

Electric (Cordless)



Electric (Cordless)


No products found.


Electric (Cordless)


No products found.


Electric (Cordless)



Electric (Cordless)



Electric (Cordless)






Electric (Cordless)


No products found.


Electric (Rechargeable)


No products found.


Electric (Cordless)


You’ll regret not buying the Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women sooner. The purple wand is packed with many useful features. That you won’t take time to cherish. So let’s find out what they are.

For starters, the pivoting head performs as smoothly as you would expect. The head swings to the right and left by 10 degrees. That means it glides effortlessly along your natural contours of the face. You can use this best nose hair trimmer for ladies on the neck and chin as well. And for a comfortable, close trim.

The second impressive feature is the sleek wand structure. You can hold it quite comfortably. On top of that, it slips into just about anything for storage.

Here’s the third notable characteristic. The Panasonic Ladies Nose Hair Trimmer is equipped with stainless steel material blades. The hypoallergenic kind! That suggests a gentle application for all skin types.

And lastly, let’s talk about additional parts. In this case, you get 2 eyebrow combs. These shape and trim your brows expertly. To achieve the perfect length and style!

Use the Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer a few times, and you’ll realize its true worth.

Trimming short nose hair with maximum precision is not a thing of the past anymore. The Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer makes this possible now. The battery-operated, contoured trimmer is an ideal pick for every woman.

You would expect such a popular pick to come with a light. But, sadly, that’s not the case.


  • Tip is well-rounded for accurate trimming.
  • Hypoallergenic blades and their sharpness are long-lasting.
  • Eyebrow shaper attachments are quite handy.


  • No light included.
  • There’s no storage/travel pouch either.

2. Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer – The Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies with LED Light
Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LED Light, Water...

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You’ll be a happy customer if you decide to buy the Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. And for many reasons, some of which you probably don’t know. So how about you get to know them below!

The product title suggests that you can use the current option for trimming ear and nose hair. The blade system consists of cyclonic blade movements. For efficient and quick trimming! Such an action ensures no pulling or pain sensation.

These blades are hypoallergenic with a stainless steel structure. The hypoallergenic part means you can use the Fancii Professional Trimmer even if you have sensitive skin. And the stainless steel design implies durability in terms of sharpness.

As for safety features, this best nose hair trimmer for ladies features a remarkable safety cone. It is useful for guiding your hair into those blades without them touching your skin.

Now it’s time to focus on quality. The body is made using anti-slip rubber in a streamlined contoured shape. This promises maximum comfort and grip.

And let’s not forget the LED light and water-resistant capacity of the blade head. The light allows you to reach difficult hair. And the latter means you can wash the blades in order to clean them. So you get the whole package, don’t you?

Double edge blades are what you receive here. So you can indulge in trimming without feeling any pain. Even storage and cleaning are no-hassle undertakings. The stand takes care of storage. And the water-resistant capacity of the blades simplifies maintenance.

The fact that the Fancii Professional Trimmer comes with a lid means convenient storage and portability. But that only makes sense if the lid agrees to stay on in the first place.


  • Both vertical and horizontal movements are possible.
  • ​LED is bright and powerful.
  • You don’t have to make too many passes for trimming.


  • Sound is slightly more audible than the rest.
  • Top cover tends to come off.

3. No products found. – The Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Wet/Dry Applications
No products found.

No products found.

This Creation Springs Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer is suitable for both women and men. The Electra-Trim is a piece of high-quality machinery. That can handle any grooming application. Be it wet or dry!

The little thing features the best technology to get rid of annoying hair from unwanted or sensitive regions. Such as the high-strength rotary motor. It utilizes super sharp and precise stainless steel material cutting blades. These eliminate the hair from the most difficult places.

Then there’s the unique vacuum system that does away with all the clippings. That makes the cleaning up process easier. In both dry and wet conditions!

Since nose hair removal is involved, you might require an LED light as well. So the super bright illumination comes from the trimmer head. To help you annihilate every hair.

Since I’m talking about convenience, allow me to highlight the shape and structure. This best nose hair trimmer for ladies is ergonomically designed. Using recycled plastic material combined with rubber. The rubberized part delivers impact resistance. Along with the much-needed waterproof resistance as well.

Everything about this particular pick is in place. Even portability is not an issue. As there are no electrical cords involved. So now you know it’s perfect for the job.

Want to trim tiny nose hair in the most precise manner? Use the Creation Springs Electra-Trim Wet/Dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. Its vacuum reduces mess by restricting the movement of the trimmings. Being a little less hairy can be a neat undertaking too!

It goes without saying that a cordless version like this requires battery changes. And when you have to do that, don’t hope for the manufacturer to provide any useful assistance. Not at least in the form of instructions discussed in the manual.


  • Just two swipes are enough to get the job done.
  • ​Don’t expect any painful pulling or snagging.
  • Sturdy housing and powerful motor is a great combination.


  • Directions for battery installation are useless.

4. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer – The Best Budget-Friendly Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies

Conair Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer Purple
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Don’t want to spend a lot of money on the best nose hair trimmer for ladies? But at the same time, you want to make sure you buy a high-quality, durable model, right? If these are your demands, they are not unrealistic. As long as options like the Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer are available.

This cordless bikini and body trimmer runs on lithium-ion batteries. To state it simply, it means the batteries are long-lasting in terms of power. But that’s not the only thing you might appreciate.

Apart from the affordable price tag, the wide shape of the blades is also hard to ignore. Such a blade allows you to eliminate hair from difficult spots. So it’s not just precise trimming you should be expecting.

Additionally, the Conair Satiny Smooth Trimmer offers two brow combs. These give you the chance to accurately shape the eyebrows according to your liking. So both the basics and add-ons perform remarkably well. Believe me; you won’t be making a mistake if you decide to buy an inexpensive trimmer like this.

You can use this precision hair trimmer on the bikini area, face, and body. The useful wide blade trims short and long hair. With total comfort and convenience! And your wallet feels the same due to the affordability factor.

So what’s the catch? I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any. The blades of the Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Trimmer dull sooner than expected.


  • Close trimming is what you get.
  • Top is tilted to provide easier usability.


  • Slow operation requires some getting used to.
  • Blades tend to dull quickly.

5. Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer – The Best Durable Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies

Philips Beauty PrecisionPerfect compact Precision Trimmer for Women,...
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A good-quality personal grooming kit sounds appealing to everyone. If you add a trimmer like the Philips HP6390 to this, the task of removing, shaping, and trimming hair becomes more convenient. Such a model has the ability to remain a part of your grooming system for many years.

Handling and maneuvering the Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer is easy. Given the slim design! The normal trimming head initiates safe facial hair removal. As for the brow trimmer attachment, it offers two choices in terms of length. So you can shape and tame your eyebrows as per your style.

The adjustability of the comb attachment helps in gently and precisely trimming the bikini area as well. And that’s not it when it comes to add-on features. The company has also included smart illuminated tweezers. Along with a light and mirror! That means not a single hair gets left behind.

As for the maintenance part of this pink nose hair trimmer, you can use the protective cap and cleaning brush. And since it’s a portable model, you get to make the most of this thing wherever you go.

Not only are the basic features phenomenal with regards to performance, the additional components are also the same. This includes the illuminated tweezers, cleaning brush, and mirror.

When using the Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer, be aware of its battery casing. It tends to become loose a little too much. But that’s nothing a screwdriver cannot tighten.


  • Holding the Panasonic trimmer is very comfortable.
  • ​It is suitable for both fine and coarse hair.
  • LED light is plenty bright.


  • Many passes required for complete hair removal.
  • Battery casing comes loose too often.

6. ToiletTree Products TTP-TRIM-4 Sleek Design Nose Hair Trimmer – The Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Deep Hair Removal
ToiletTree Products Water Resistant Stainless Steel Nose and Ear Hair...
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The brand claims that once you unpack the product, you’ll see how the quality is anything but disappointing. The design is such that it requires no replacements for a long time. And only after reviewing the ToiletTree Products TTP-TRIM-4 Nose Hair Trimmer did I buy those claims.

The blades installed in here don’t cause any amount of discomfort or pain. In fact, you don’ feel the pull of a single hair. Fitting it into your cavity is not a nuisance. And the same can be said about female nose hair removal.

The motor delivers tons of power. And the cutting head is long enough. Such a motor is responsible for the quick operation. As for the cutting head, the length means you can get rid of all unwanted nose hair like a pro. The blades get in exactly where you need them.

Even the grip is quite solid. Many nose hair trimmers on the current market are either too bulky or uncomfortable to use. But, thanks to the brand’s attention to detail, this one isn’t. This best nose hair trimmer for ladies is a perfectly balanced tool. The only thing it allows you to focus on is quick nose hair removal.

The ToiletTree Products TTP-TRIM-4 Sleek Design Nose Hair Trimmer excels at only a single task. And that is to remove all the hair perfectly. Plus, the quality is pretty exceptional considering the price of the unit.

Some trimmers give rise to one common rhetorical question. Why did the manufacturer ever decide to install a light on this! I mean the LED illumination is so useless you start to question its existence. And, unfortunately, the ToiletTree Products trimmer is not a special case.


  • It cuts nose and ear hair closely without any fuss.
  • Durability is not a weakness at all.


  • Poor instructions for battery installation.
  • LED light is not bright enough.

7. Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer – The Best Manual Nose Hair Trimmer
Chooling Manual Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer (Small, Red) No Batteries...
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Allow me to present the first best nose hair trimmer for ladies with a manual operation. It’s the Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. Manual functionality offers many advantages. So don’t consider this pick as an inferior one. It’s not, by any means, less competitive than the electric trimmers reviewed in the article.

First things first, the Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer is very sharp and comfortable to use. It removes both ear and nose hair with maximum ease. The level of struggle, in this case, is nearly absent.

Even other practical efforts such as cleaning the trimmer are a breeze. All you need to do is rinse the manual tool with water. Or clean the thing with the brush. And I don’t need to tell you that there are no batteries included. That means you don’t have to find battery replacements every now and then.

The premium stainless steel design says a lot about quality, strength, and durability. Important aspects like these are well taken care of.

But how about usability? Not many people know how to use manual nose hair trimmers. We’re so used to dealing with electric models, right? In that case, the next paragraph might help.

Use one hand to hold the Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. With the help of your index finger and thumb. Place it under the nose before squeezing both the wings to initiate movement of inner blades. These blades are responsible for the cutting, aren’t they?

Now please remember that you won’t get it on the first try. The goal is to keep practicing until the trimmer does what it was designed for.

Safety is a crucial factor when using manual hair trimmers. With that in mind, please breathe a sigh of relief. The Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer features blades covered with metal fences. So using this manual version is plenty safe. And after the application, feel free to rinse with water or clean with brush. Now tell me, wasn’t that easy?

No need for any power source. That’s the beauty of the Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. Its sharp blades don’t disappoint as far as trimming short or fine hair is concerned. In both the ear and nose regions!

Since it’s a manual trimmer, I’m sure you’re expecting tons of setbacks. But that’s not the case here. There’s only one downside to using manual models. That they don’t eliminate hair as quickly as their electric counterparts!


  • The sharp tool cuts hair easily.
  • ​Not like the bulky, noisy, battery-powered trimmer.
  • Compact in size for easy storage and carry.


  • Hair removal is slower.

8. Wahl Clean and Confident Precision Detailer – The Most Comfortable to Use Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies
Wahl Clean and Confident Precision Detailer Purple #5640-100
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You’ll love the fact that the Wahl Clean and Confident Precision Detailer is the most comfortable to use. It has the superpower to remove all unwanted hair. Without any pulling or nicking! So if you think that pain is gain, please think again. I can do much more than rhyme in this review. Read below to find out what I’m trying to tell you.

This best nose hair trimmer for ladies has a professional quality construction. Its rotary blades are built using stainless steel. That guarantees durability. Just like most of the options discussed in the article. You can rinse these underwater without thinking twice.

After putting the detailing head to the test, here’s what I found. It can be used for the face, neck, and bikini region. You also get to enjoy the opportunity of using the head as it is. Or with the useful guide comb. The latter offers the perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted hair.

The one thing that’s unique about the Wahl Clean and Confident Precision Detailer is the length. Not too long or too short. The kind of experience you get access to when you head to the salon. So it provides professional quality construction and performance indeed.

The Wahl Clean and Confident Precision Detailer is a compact tool. It doesn’t occupy too much space, which means convenience in terms of storage and portability. The blade system is also another feature to go crazy about. It removes the shortest nose hair. And you don’t even feel the pulling or tugging while that’s happening.

Good news first. That part is already done, isn’t it? So now it’s time to make room for the bad news. The blade head comes loose at the time of cleaning. To make matters worse, the re-assembly process is no cakewalk either.


  • It’s a super close trimming tool.
  • ​Blades are incredibly sharp.


  • Operation is quite loud.
  • Cutting head pops off easily.

9. No products found. – The Best Rechargeable Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies
No products found.
No products found.

Here’s the first rechargeable version for women. It’s called the PrettyQueen Nose Hair Trimmer. You can use it to remove ear hair as well. But first, let me talk about the rechargeable technology. This best nose hair trimmer for ladies requires at least 12 hours of charging. Only then does the little brown beast activate its integrated battery.

But after the first charge, the trimmer takes not more than only 6-8 hours to charge completely. The manufacturer has made sure of that. But please remember to avoid using the tool while it’s fueling up. As that tends to affect the trimmer’s shelf life! So make sure that it’s powered off when charging.

Moving on, the PrettyQueen Nose Hair Trimmer contains high-quality blades. Made using stainless steel. But it’s the stereoscopic arched shape is what I found to be highly beneficial. With it, you don’t just eliminate hair. You also do away with safety concerns when using the trimmer in your nasal cavity.

The blades are removable and washable. And the grip is built using top quality copper. So the thing you’re looking at is quite comfortable and handy. And finally, there’s the LED display. It shows you how much charge is left. So you can be prepared for the time the battery runs out.

The voltage here is 110-220. That means the PrettyQueen Nose Hair Trimmer is suitable for use in different countries as well. So it can be a great travel buddy too!

The stereoscopic trimmer consists of smoothly curved edges. Something like this is very useful when it comes to trimming nose hair. Also, rechargeable technology means not having to deal with frequent battery replacements.

The most unfortunate news here is that the product features delicate parts. These are vulnerable to damage, which weakens overall durability.


  • Circular-shaped blades ensure accurate hair removal.
  • ​Small in size for easy storage and carry.
  • Protective cover for the trimmer head.


  • Charging cord length is very short.
  • Delicate parts are much too common.

10. 4 in 1 Women’s Electric Shaver Device Kit Eyebrow Lady’s Trimmer – The Best Versatile Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies
Veru ETERNITY Women's Electric Shaver 4 in 1 Device Kit Eyebrow Lady's...
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The product name itself suggests how versatile it is. The trimmer is a 4 in 1 grooming kit that can make all the extra hair go away. Be it your bikini line, legs, arms, or face. So what’s included in the package? Eyebrow trimmer, nose hair trimmer, sideburn trimmer, and bikini hair trimmer. All four attachments meet your every standard requirement for shaving. (About female facial hair)

Now let’s talk about the part that’s unique. The highly useful blade head is subjected to special treatment. Such a technology pairs up well with the circular blade’s stainless steel construction. To remove hair in the most accurate manner! From the armpits, nose, and ear.

This best nose hair trimmer for ladies is a multifunctional tool. You already know that by now, don’t you? But what you’re probably not aware of is that it comes in a mini size. Perfect for travel! Such a compact size also means that you can hold and use it comfortably.

So the 4 in 1 Women’s Electric Shaver Device Kit Eyebrow Lady’s Trimmer is quite economical. In fact, I would also call it the most practical choice on the list.

The current option offers four different trimming heads. So you can get rid of all types of facial and body hair. To make the experience even better, the sleek, sophisticated design boosts visual appeal. And you’ll be using it for years before it starts to wane in performance.

Unluckily, this trimmer is loud. The job gets done alright. But that does not happen quietly.


  • It’s a powerful, multipurpose trimmer.
  • Maintenance and usability are no-hassle factors.


  • Don’t expect it to operate silently.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Ladies: Buyer’s Guide


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More often than not, everybody has a personal grooming kit. And for women, nose trimmers are seldom a part of it. When you have unusual nose hair growth, such a product is essential. The most enticing part is that the best nose hair trimmer for ladies is quite A MULTIPURPOSE TOOL. You can use it for the removal of hair from all small parts of the body.

The 10 options discussed above are all high-ranking in terms of features and quality. But I did not just happen to like the names and looks before deciding to shortlist them. Prior to reviewing, I took important factors into consideration. As should you!

Cordless or Rechargeable

The cordless version operates on batteries. So does that sound more appealing to you than recharging the trimmer? Well, the answer largely depends on the kind of application. For example, CORDLESS TRIMMERS ARE MORE SUITABLE FOR TRAVELING. As for the rechargeable ones, they don’t require you to buy new batteries all the time.

  • Design

Male or female nose hair trimmer; a LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE DESIGN with a solid grip is essential. Such a structure eliminates discomfort at the time of hair trimming.

Make sure that the model allows you to get rid of hair painlessly. But most importantly, the design comes into the picture when you want to use the trimmer for difficult-to-reach parts of your face. Or body.

  • Light

The best nose hair trimmer for ladies features AN INTEGRATED LIGHT. This particular component makes the task of female nose hair removal more efficient. Cause where is nose hair located? Inside the nostrils, right? And without the light, it’s not easy to look for peeking hair.

You’ll be thrilled to know that illuminated tweezers are also a part of some trimmers. These things give you the delightful opportunity to check for remaining hair after trimming.

  • Price

Nose hair trimmers for women start from $15 and go up till $50. This depends on the manufacturer and design. Let me also point out that manual trimmers don’t cost as much as rechargeable or battery-powered units.

But discounts are a huge part of either deal. So don’t just opt for the first thing you see. It’s always a better idea to have options, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should Women Trim Nose Hair?


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I find this question to be a bit absurd. As humans, WE ALL HAVE NOSE HAIR. Be it a man or a woman, excessive hair growth in that region is not so pleasant looking. Now it’s true that we’ve seen only men trimming nose hair. But that doesn’t mean women don’t and can’t.

As for any risks involved, please make sure that you don’t go bonkers with nose hair removal. The hair present in your nostrils serves a purpose. It helps in trapping pollutants and bacteria as you breathe. That means the HAIR IS A HUGE PART OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

But that’s not it; I have some more important facts to discuss here. Nose hair comes in two types; thick and thin. It’s the former that most women wish to eliminate. However, you don’t need to do away with all of it. Target the most visible hair.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should AVOID PLUCKING THE NOSE HAIR. The method is extremely painful. Plus, plucking might cause infections. Or problems anywhere else in your body!

Let me explain this in the simplest manner. When you pluck a hair and if that tends to bleed, the blood is likely to cause bacterial growth. And since all this is happening inside your nostril, it can enter the bloodstream. So now you know why plucking is not advisable.

2. What are the Other Methods to Eliminate Nose Hair?

Since tweezers are not recommended, what other options do women opt for to get rid of nose hair?

Scissors: These scissors are specifically designed for nose hair removal. They’re not anything like your regular pair of scissors. A ROUNDED TIP WITH ZERO SHARP EDGES is what the design looks like. Clippers are inexpensive as well as easily available at the major retailer or drug stores.

Waxing: Your chances of finding WAXING KITS FOR NOSE HAIR seem to be enormous now. These kits are created to wax the inner part of the nose. To be honest, just writing about this makes my eyes water. But not all women are like me, they can handle waxing. So if that’s your thing, go for it!

Electric Trimmers: These little MACHINES ARE BATTERY-OPERATED. And there’s no chance you won’t find them at your popular retail store. You spend no more than $10 on this thing and it lasts for many years. Plus, there’s no need to change the blade either.

However, it’s important to clean the trimmer and your nose properly after each application. If you don’t want potential health issues or infections to take control!

How to Remove Hair on the Inside of the Nose? Ask a Dermatologist

3. Does a Nose Hair Trimmer Hurt?


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More often than not, it doesn’t. But occasionally, it might due to a hair getting pulled painfully. However, as a complete procedure, female nose hair removal is a PAINLESS, QUICK PROCESS.

On the other hand, tweezing hair can be an agonizing experience. The best alternative to this method is using the curved tip nose hair scissors. Or you know the best nose hair trimmer for ladies.

The Final Choice

My Choice: Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

The best nose hair trimmer for ladies is one that suits your shaving requirements. And if it’s not comfortable to hold and use, then what’s the point! Am I right? In that case, you might want to consider buying the Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer for Women.

This Panasonic Ladies Nose Hair Trimmer features a pivoting head that’s very smooth and gently. On top of that, the blades are hypoallergenic in nature. That means you can use the grooming kit even if you have sensitive skin.

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women ES2113PC, with Pivoting Head...
  • Smooth pivoting head: The Panasonic facial trimmer uses a smooth pivoting head to gently follow the natural contours of...
  • Gentle for all skin types: This personal shaver is equipped with a round tipped, super thin hypoallergenic blade to trim...
  • Additional eyebrow trimmer attachments: Trim and groom eyebrows with 2 precision snap on eyebrow shaper comb attachments...

So are you going to buy this best nose hair trimmer for ladies? Or any of the other nine options reviewed in here?

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