The Best Crossfit Shoes For Women: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

ASICS Women's FuzeX TR Cross-Trainer Shoe, White/Diva Pink/Mid Grey, 8 M US

Staying in shape requires you to indulgeengage in all forms of physical exercise, cardio and weightlifting included. The combination of the former and latter is what Crossfit sessions are all about. They tone muscles, burn calories, and improve overall strength and form. That much is easy to determine. But what’s not easy is finding the best Crossfit shoes for women.

If you want to break free from your normal workout, there’s nothing better and more challenging than Crossfit training. In that case, let’s get to finding some high-performing women’s shoes right away!

The 10 Best Crossfit Shoes for Women


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With all the different brands offered at varying prices in the market today, finding a pair of good CrossFit shoes for women to match your level of energy and will to succeed may not be easy. For this reason, I came up with a narrowed-down list of top-rated shoes specifically designed for this purpose to help you save time shopping and deciding which pair to buy, so you can get started on doing your CrossFit workouts right away.

So, before you empty your wallet, please go through these 10 fantastic reviews. Before you know it you’ll have chosen the perfect pair that’s going to suit your needs and personal preferences.

Shoe Name



Color Options


RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe #1 Editor’s Choice Synthetic with Rubber Sole Available in 7 different colors Buy on Amazon
Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe


Textile/Synthetic with Synthetic Sole

Available in 21 different colors Buy on Amazon
Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoe


Polyester Only one color Buy on Amazon
Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe


Textile with Rubber Sole Available in 5 different colors Buy on Amazon

Merrell Women’s Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe


NA Available in 5 different colors Buy on Amazon
Reebok Women’s Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoe


Synthetic/Textile with Rubber Sole Available in 4 different colors Buy on Amazon
New Balance Women’s 20v5 Minimus Training Shoe


Synthetic and Fabric with Rubber Sole Available in 6 different colors Buy on Amazon
Adidas Performance Women’s Adipure 360.3 W Training Shoe


Synthetic/Textile with Rubber Sole Available in 3 different colors Buy on Amazon
Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe


Polyester with Rubber Sole Available in 2 different colors Buy on Amazon
ASICS Women’s Gel-Unifire TR 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe


Synthetic with Rubber Sole Available in 2 different colors Buy on Amazon

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe – Editor’s ChoiceRyka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Black/Sharp Green/Forge...Buy on Amazon

These shoes are created to meet all physical standards for Crossfit exercise. The RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe is designed specifically for women trainers. It’s an affordable option, so have no worries about the cost either.

Let’s talk about the anatomy of the shoe. The footbed is incredibly secure with a roomy forefoot and narrow heels. Even the raised instep volume is a feature that sets it part apart from the men’s version.

Moving on further, these best Crossfit shoes for women are lightweight, so you won’t have to carry in any more weight than you normally would during training. Plus, well-ventilated! This is all because of the addition of mesh uppers. With mesh material, your feet gain the opportunity to remain dry. And cool throughout the workout. That takes care of the comfort factor.

The next important factor is fit. And a snug one at that! So what features or features are responsible for providing that? In every case, it’s the combination of padded collar and tongue. Along with an excellent lace-up system! So leave behind all doubts associated with the fit. as well.

Lastly, there are the impact-absorbing midsoles. These offer just the right amount of support and cushioning to get you comfortably through long workouts. So if comfort is on your mind, which it should be, this is the ultimate pair for you.

The Ryka Influence collection is like a blessing ​for those who can’t get enough of Crossfit. These training shoes, in particular, feature direct-fuse and flex-foil layers. In simple words, there’s enough cushioning in the insoles and midsoles to offer unrelenting support on long workout sessions, and the same applies to physical resistance traction in the outsoles.

The one problem with RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoes; they’re relatively narrower. Although this characteristic makes them the perfect CrossFit shoes for narrow feet, the width you’re dealing with here can be slightly disappointing. Even more so if your feet are wider than average!


  • The lightweight design makes room for easy jumps and kicks.
  • There’s a ton of support for lateral movements.
  • Rubber outsoles provide remarkable traction.


  • Pivot point is only moderately free-wheeling.
  • In terms of width, they are not broad enough.

2. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe – The Best Crossfit Shoes for Long Training SessionsReebok Women's Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe, Cool Breeze/Black/Far...Buy on Amazon

There’s no need for me to tell you that Reebok manufactures the best sports shoes. And for both women and men! So it’s no surprise that they designed the Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoes. What’s surprising is the combination of innovation, lightweight, and strength. No wonder they rank as the best Crossfit shoes for women.

The company is known to bring together four important factors. Optimal support, comfortable fit, maximum durability, and lightweight design. And your feet demand the presence of such characteristics during Crossfit training.

The exceptional Kevlar-infused mesh uppers are responsible for various factors, and these include breathability, ventilation, and protection.

Upon putting on the Reebok shoes to use, you’ll notice something awesome about the midsoles. They are equipped with the hardness of NanoShell. Such a structure gives you optimal support as it is capable of absorbing high amounts of impact, allowing you to performmedial and lateral movements in the most comfortable manner!

Then there are the substantially firm rubber soles for solid ground impact. So that’s another worry you can eliminate from your mind.

With so many useful features, you won’t feel like taking off your shoes even for a second. Especially when exercising for long hours.

What’s so unique about this particular Reebok creation? Without trying too hard, the brand has infused the uppers with durable Kevlar. So the most vulnerable spots are well equipped to provide ultimate protection and support. That’s the beauty of these Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoes.

But if you have narrow feet, you’d be better off with another pair of the best Crossfit shoes for women. It’s because the Reebok Nano 5.0 has sizing problems.


  • The anatomical design offers a comfortable fit.
  • ​They prevent over-sweating and overheating.
  • NanoShell midsoles support heavy lifts.


  • Not made for running long distances.
  • Sizing is on the broader side.
Always Training | Reebok

3. Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoe – The Best Training Shoes for All Crossfit ExercisesNike Women's Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 PrintBuy on Amazon

Nike has managed to develop an unbreakable reputation. Its ability to produce the best footwear, including Crossfit shoes for women, ​is impressive. But what we are concerned with here is the Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoes. The pair is outfitted with super features, capable of handling all forms of Crossfit workout!

You can engage in gym-based routines and strength training wearing these shoes. Including cardio exercises! The feature partly responsible for delivering such performance is the rubber outsole. It enjoys cubic and hexagonal patterns that provide remarkable traction; no other cross-training shoe can give you this much stability and support. So there’s more to these rubber soles than just durability.

There’s another praiseworthy component that takes care of support. Another remarkable thing about this Nike CrossFit shoes for women is the unparalleled cushioning brought by its the foam-equipped collar. I also noticed the removable insoles, so ​if you wish to swap them with your orthopedic insoles, you can do so quite easily.

As for the upper the Nike Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoe utilizes mesh material. So you can see for yourself how lightweight and sufficiently ventilated the pair is.

And what about the fit of these best women’s Crossfit shoes? Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief as the fit is pretty snug. Thanks to the presence of Flywire cables for lacing up.

So what you’re in for are is a perfect combination of high functionality and good looks. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect combination!

To sum it up, the Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoes are breathable and lightweight. They provide tons of support for jumps, squats, weights, and other arduous activities. So it doesn’t matter what kind of Crossfit training you’re into. This pair performs exceptionally well no matter the workout.

The only important characteristic you might miss out on here is proper arch support. But even this minimal pitfall, doesn’t interfere with your Crossfit performance levels. Unless you’re a runner!


  • The Nike shoes are water-resistant and windproof.
  • ​The insoles are removable.
  • They don’t fall apart despite daily/rough use.


  • Arch support is a bit lacking for running.

4. Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe – The Best Crossfit Shoes for Women with Foot AilmentsInov-8 Women's F-Lite 250-W, Black/White, 6.5 B USBuy on Amazon

When recovering from foot problems, it’s necessary to wear shoes created for that purpose. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then nothing can come in your way. Am I right? In that context, let’s make sure nothing does. The Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoes are the best at such times.

The uppers are constructed of thermoplastic urethane and lightweight mesh. There’s also the Rope-Tec technology for burn protection with the addition of a denser heel! All the characteristics contribute to the popularity of these best Crossfit shoes for women not just for overall comfort and support butas the most effective solution fortreating and preventing plantar fasciitis as well!

The outsoles are extremely flexible with increased cushioning. So you can rely on the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 for flexibility, along with versatility and durability! Isn’t that great news for the activities of Crossfit training!

As a fitness freak, you might also value the presence of EVA midsoles in these CrossFit sneakers. They are compressed in nature to deliver the most favorable foot benefits, so you can perform Crossfit movements without feeling any discomfort despite any foot ailment!

How would YOU know that the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoes are specially designed for foot conditions? The proof comes in the form of a comparatively denser heal structure along with Rope-Tec technology for burn protection! There’s also is the toe bumper​​​​​which is a very useful feature in dealing with painful burpees.

Upon subjecting the Inov-8 shoes to lateral movements, however, you’ll notice a drawback. They somewhat fail to offer adequate firmness for that kind of exercises.


  • Outsoles provide multi-directional flexibility.
  • ​The seams and stitches are giving yet durable.
  • They solidify your connection with the ground.


  • Arch support is missing.
  • Even lateral support is weak.

5. Merrell Women’s Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe – The Best Crossfit Shoes for CardioMerrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe,...Buy on Amazon

The most attractive quality of Merrell Women’s Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe is that it has zero heel, which makes room for all-terrain running. These best Crossfit shoes for women are light in weigh with well-cushioned soles to offer superior protection against sharp rocks and the like! So the chances of developing an injury during theexercise or running are almost non-existent.

Another notable feature presents itself as M Select Fresh technology, a host of antimicrobial agents in the shoe that work to disrupt odor-causing elements as you workout.

I also noticed the phenomenal lug pattern that provides all the stability you need on every type of terrain or floor exercises. With such a design, you also get ​to enjoy better flexibility, so expect the foot to flex more naturally. This is how comfort becomes a huge part of the experience.

You can wear the Merrell Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoes on dry and wet surfaces. So there’s no reason to believe that this option is any less competitive than others.

You won’t take long to realize how incredibly responsive and flexible these shoes are. The insoles are such that they offer complete control when it comes to hyper-responsiveness. With that comes a higher level of performance, which often translates to a ​higher demand for breathability. That’s what the excellent mesh lining is for.

The setback here is that the Merrell shoes are not so ideal for weightlifting exercises and that’s because of the lack of any arch support. When weightlifting, minimal arch support is what your feet require.


  • Reflective details increase low-light visibility.
  • ​The roomy foot base adds more comfort.
  • You can wear them for long running sessions.


  • Sizing is a bit narrower than expected.
  • Not suitable for heavy lifts.
Merrell Brand Video

6. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoe – The Best Training Shoes for Crossfit BalanceReebok Womens Crossfit Speed Cross-Trainer Shoe Fire...Buy on Amazon

For muscle support and balance, nothing outperforms the Reebok Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoes. The brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to manufacturing functional fitness shoes, and this model provides you with all the speed and characteristics your feet demand for a Crossfit workout.

The greatly compressed sleeve offers incredible stability. This feature includes unique flex grooves that are present in the outsoles to improve toe play. Another compressed component is the ultra-soft yet firm midsoles that are highly capable of absorbing impact so your feet are protected from stress and injury. Even the foot cradle shares this kind of a design so you get more than just cushioning; safety and comfort are also brought into the picture this way.

With that, there’s only one more thing I have left to say about the Reebok Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoes. That they are perfectly engineered to handle the strenuous movements of Crossfit! On top of that, the integrated graphics add an enticing visual appeal.

So again, what’s that one most reliable feature of this Reebok pair? Without the shadow of a doubt, it’s the targeted cushioning in the underfoot region. By far, that’s the only element accountable for inviting comfort into the experience.

Al in all, one of the most appealing aspects is the addition of only basic cushioning. Now, this is great news if your Crossfit sessions include weightlifting. But the sad part about it is the amount time you might take to get used to the flatness.


  • Cushioning and support are minimal, hence perfect for heavy lifts.
  • ​Toe is wide with a snug midfoot.


  • The laces demand double knotting.
  • Getting used to the flat design takes time.
Reebok CrossFit® Speed TR

7. New Balance Women’s 20v5 Minimus Training Shoe – The Best Shoes for Crossfit BeginnersNew Balance Women's 20v5 Minimus Training ShoeBuy on Amazon

If you’re new to the Crossfit routine, it’s highly advisable to start with a lightweight pair, such as the New Balance Women’s 20v5 Minimus Training Shoes! They give you more natural positioning that enables proper ground contact which ultimately translates into support and stability. These are the kinds of factors your feet and body demand during Crossfit training.

You’ll also be glad to know that there’s minimal drop in these shoes. What’s even better is the slim midsole. Both these characteristics combine to deliver lightweight responsiveness. Along with optimal cushioning, ​your every movement feels extremely comfortable even throughout the long, grueling sessions.

How about ​outsoles and traction? The invaluable Vibram outsoles boost three crucial factors and these include traction, comfort, and durability. ​With these, you can engage in both outdoor and indoor training sessions.

Another useful combination consists of a breathable mesh upper and burrito tongue. And the cherry on top: is the much-needed asymmetrical collar and molded foam. Such a design allows your heel to lock down properly for maximum balance. As a result of which friction gets minimized and the shoes fit better. What more could anyone ask for.

I am certain that, as a Crossfit enthusiast, you’ll appreciate nothing more than the REVlite midsoles. These activate lightweight responsiveness as soon as movement is detected​. And this is exactly the type of performance you’d expect from the best Crossfit shoes for women. Especially beginners!

When you first put on the New Balance 20v5 Minimus Training Shoes, you’ll find the tongue to be too stiff. Now, this can be quite uncomfortable to deal with initially. So the best thing to do at such times is to loosen those laces.


  • Vibram soles grip a variety of ground surfaces.
  • ​The New Balance shoes are flexible yet supportive enough.
  • Molded pads cup your heel in position.


  • Toe box is a tad too large.
  • The tongue tends to dig into your ankle.

8. Adidas Performance Women’s Adipure 360.3 W Training Shoe – The Best Protective Crossfit Shoesadidas Performance Women's Adipure 360.3 W Training Shoe, Flash...Buy on Amazon

When complete protection is included, foot stability during any versatile workout is inevitable. In that regard, there’s a lot to ​admire about the Adidas Performance Adipure 360.3 W Training Shoes.

They are very flexible and lightweight, which means you can perform difficult, quick movements in them without having to worry about your feet! This explains why the Adipure 360.3 ranks as the best Crossfit shoes for women.

The kind of protection and support they provide are ideal for both running and training. The sole in particular features a special design to offer a natural smooth slide. On top of that, there’s the mesh upper that stretches whenever needed in order to conform to medial and lateral movements in the most natural manner!

The useful lace-up system is plenty secure with adequate support. When combined with the midfoot cage, it provides an incredibly snug fit especially around your arch for additional protection!

Finally, it’s time to discuss the part responsible for durability. All vulnerable spots of the shoes are covered with synthetic polyurethane, patches that deliver high durability. Along the same line, the use of mesh for the uppers is a brilliant idea in terms of breathability as well!

So be it protection or flexibility, the Adipure 360.3 offers everything you demand.

With the current model manufactured by Adidas, this is what you should expect​ since its Next-Gen 360: more support, more comfort, and better flex. So you can indulge in all the strength training you desire.

Wearing the Adidas Performance Training Shoes is easy and comfortable. But taking them off isn’t. It’s because the insole is prone to slipping out along with your foot when removing the shoe.


  • Midfoot frame is adjustable for more versatile training.
  • ​Mesh uppers are soft and stretchy.
  • Lateral stability is beneficial for a Crossfit workout.


  • Sizing is smaller than usual.
  • Insoles keep coming off.

9. Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe – The Best Crossfit Shoes for Women Who Prefer Exercising BarefootVibram Women's KMD Sport LS Cross Training Shoe (8 M US, Purple)Buy on Amazon

You obviously cannot engage in high-intensity exercises barefoot as much as you would like to! So the best solution to such a problem is right here. Simply opt for a pair like the Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoes.

The thick sole of these shoes tolerates the excessive force of physically challenging workout. To make things even better, the barefoot feel is accompanied by the much-needed firm grip. The grip is an outcome of the circular lug pattern of the soles. Such a structure makes ground contact comfortable and that, in turn, is ideal for quick movements.

Furthermore, the Vibram KMD LS Cross Training Shoes feature a zero drop so you can perform heavy lifts as much as you like. The outsoles are tough enough to withstand extensive training.

And the best part about these shoes is that you can wash them in the machine. So if you’re worried about cleaning them, there’s your solution.

In short, the Vibram Women’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoes are the closest you can come to for barefoot training.

I’m sure you would love to know that these shoes are suitable for both indoors and outdoors; they’re not just created for gym workouts. The flexibility, grip, durability, and traction are factors that make them capable of handling outside settings as well.

It’s time to talk about the most obvious drawback. The Vibram KMD LS Cross Training Shoes are not like the other “normal” shoes as they have separate sheaths for each toe, as in a working glove.  Although there’s nothing wrong with that, given their high-performance level, but the sheaths tend to fit poorly around your toes.


  • The Vibram shoes are extremely comfortable.
  • ​Foot padding is perfect for HIIT and lifting.
  • You can machine wash them.


  • They are not lightweight.
  • The toes don’t fit perfectly.

10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Unifire TR 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe – The Best Budget-Friendly Crossfit Shoes for WomenASICS Women's FuzeX TR Cross-Trainer Shoe, Black/White/Silver, 5.5 M...Buy on Amazon

Crossfit shoes are known for the kind of comfort they ​provide to the feet. And more often than not, this comfort is not easy on the wallet. ​Fortunately, that’s not something you can say about our last pick. The ASICS Women’s Gel-Unifire TR 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe is an affordable option for athletes and CrossFit enthusiasts. Plus, it’s as competitive as the other more expensive models reviewed in ​this article.

Let’s talk about the features now. The Gel-Unifire TR 3 Cross-Trainer is super lightweight and breathable, all thanks to its top quality mesh uppers.

The next crucial factor that makes this one of the best women’s Crossfit shoes is the comfort it can provide with its padded collar and tongue! Even the laces don’t fail at exceeding your expectations in providing foot support, thus preventing slipping while in session.

You might also enjoy the presence of removable insoles. This makes switching to your orthopedic insoles more convenient, doesn’t it? As for the midsoles, they take care of your forefoot and rear foot by allowing for an optimal bounce back and shock absorption. In the same context, the rear foot region also features Gel Cushioning so it doesn’t matter if your Crossfit exercises are vigorous the shoes absorb most impact.

Now, here’s the wonderful thing about affordable options like these. They reiterate the point that not everything high-quality is expensive. You don’t necessarily have to spend more for high-performance Crossfit shoes for women.

If you decide to get these shoes, you’ll be buying them for two reasons: ​their flexible sole structure, and air mesh breathable upper. These two design elements are what make the ASICS Gel-Unifire TR 3 suitable for different Crossfit exercises.

The brand claims that these are width-specific shoes. But, to be honest, that’s not the case.


  • Gel Cushioning reduces most impact.
  • Open mesh material upper makes the shoe breathable.


  • Not so great for walking or running.
  • They don’t have enough width.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Crossfit Shoes for Women


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Just because it says CrossFit doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your all-in-one solution for all your Crossfit training needs. The best Crossfit shoes for weightlifting may not always be an excellent choice for running, in which case you may need to find another Crossfit shoes for running. Although very rarely, you will find brands that manufacture versatile products to address this issue, such as the Nike Metcon training shoes.

Another essential thing to bear in mind when purchasing training shoes is the size and shape of your feet. With the types of activities you will go through in Crossfit training, you will need a pair that goes well with your feet for the long hard haul. So if you have wide, flat feet, for instance, you’ll be better off by getting CrossFit shoes for wide flat feet. These shoes are specifically designed to have a roomier toe box to accommodate all those feet.

More than a comfortable fit, every smart cross trainer knows he needs protection from injury, so you might like to inspect the specifications of each pair before reaching for your wallet. Among the most important parts you should look at are the soles. High-quality rubber soles give you more stability and keeps you from twisting your ankles, especially when you run or lift weights. This goes without saying that sticky rubber soles are crucial aspects of reliable training shoes.

Equally important is the weight of the shoes. I cannot stress it enough that a lightweight shoe can dramatically impact your performance. I don’t know with you, but I certainly don’t want to go train and feel like I’m dragging a ball of metal attached to a chain every time I sprint or jump. Wearing comfortable lightweight Crossfit shoes will allow you to work hard for longer and achieve your desired goals faster.

The thing about Crossfit shoes though is that they don’t come cheap. In that case, isn’t it a better idea to buya pair that you know will last for a long time! Spending your money in the right place makes more sense than simply blowing it away.

So it’s time to get down to the basics. Once that is in place, I will discuss the key points to take into account during the buying process.

What Does Crossfit Training Mean?


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The only logical explanation for not knowing what it means already is that you’re a caveperson. Only that explains why you aren’t familiar with this form of fitness training. Nevertheless, here’s something useful you might want to know.

Crossfit is nothing but a highly functional exercise routine. It ranks as one of the best high-intensity workouts ever since its creation. Back in 2000, by former professional trainer Greg Glassman!

In today’s world, Crossfit is both a competitive sport and fitness regime. The workouts include powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, HIIT, plyometrics, and more. The primary focus is performing everyday functional movements. But at a high intensity!

People Try CrossFit For The First Time

What Features Are Important When Buying Crossfit Shoes?


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Now you know what Crossfit is, don’t you? But what are Crossfit shoes?

This section is dedicated to choosing the best Crossfit shoes for women. So in here, I have described all important features that go into a single pair. It’s important to opt for Crossfit-specific footwear when training. Especially if you don’t want to miss out on reaping all the benefits of a Crossfit workout session!

So these are the factors involved:

  • Shock Absorption

The activity requires you to weightlift and run. Indulging in too much of the former regularly demands special footwear. The kind that absorbs only some impact! When your shoes have the ability to absorb maximum shock, what happens? It affects your weightlifting capacity.

On the contrary, too much running demands complete shock absorption. Consequently, your feet don’t hurt during or even after the run.

So it app depends on what kind of Crossfit training you plan on doing.

  • Material

Most of the best Crossfit shoes for women are built using hypoallergenic materials. Such a design prevents the formation of potential foot ailments and other reactions.

To be more specific, I would advise you to choose a pair made of thermoplastic urethane. Or Kevlar (for the top)!

  • Base

The base or sole of any shoe determines factors like stability and support.

When weightlifting, it’s important to wear Crossfit shoes that tolerate excessive pressure. Something that only a hard, firm, and reliable base offers! It transfers all the extra energy to minimize fatigue.

  • Heel and Arch Support

Here’s another significant characteristic you might want to take into account. The best Crossfit shoes for women are those that support the arch and heel comfortably. Without this kind of groundwork, it becomes impossible to avoid foot pain. During the workout and also after it!

  • Weight and Breathability

Tell me what sounds better. Breathable, lightweight shoes or a heavy pair with no airflow.The former, right? Here’s the thing about enough ventilation. It keeps over-sweating, overheating, and bad odor at bay. And when these three are out of the picture, the same applies to blisters.

As for the shoes being lightweight, they bring forth superior comfort. During weightlifting, the last thing your legs need is handling the more unnecessary weight.

  • Fit

When the fit is not snug, it tends to increase the chances of blister formation or injuries. It’s not okay for your feet to slip and slide inside during the workout. When exercising, comfort should be a priority. Otherwise, your performance level takes a hit. And believe me; you don’t want something like that to happen during your sessions.

Since we’re talking about comfort, it’s important to consider both length and width.

  • Durability

It doesn’t make sense spending too much money on a cheap quality pair. The best Crossfit shoes for women reviewed in this article offer a very long lifespan. They might be slightly on the costlier side. But that’s the thing about expensive sports footwear.

So it’s only logical to buy shoes that you know won’t show signs of wear and tear anytime soon. And the only way to determine quality is by finding out the materials used for construction.

Final Review of the Best Crossfit Shoes for Women 

My Choice: RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoes

When you work out wearing the best Crossfit shoes for women, your movements feel more natural. This enables you to achieve results quickly. So if that’s what you have on your mind, there’s no reason to not consider the many options discussed in here. Especially the RYKA 

Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoes!

This particular pair is equipped with all the right features such as mesh upper that adds breathability. Or the direct-fuse and flex-foil layers that provide support. Or the double impact midsoles that offer cushioning. However you choose to look at it, the RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe is unbeatable.

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