The Best BCAA For Women Who Train More (2018 Reviews)

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The majority of supplement products on the current market are targeted toward men. So it gets difficult for women fitness enthusiasts to find what they demand. Figuring out which supplements are beneficial and healthy is already a confusing task. And the lack of enough options for choosing the best BCAA for women is an entirely different story. But not anymore!

Improving endurance, burning fat, or gaining muscle; the reason doesn’t matter. If what you want is the most effective plus healthiest BCAA powder, you’re looking in the right place.

Best BCAA for Women: Top 10 Choices


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I used my expert​​ise to examine all the leading supplements of the industry. In order to recommend nothing but the best!

So the list below might help you get started. And the reviews section following the comparison table activates the mode of decision-making.

The BPI Sports BCAA Powder is a supplement designed for both women and men. It is the ultimate go-to option for muscle building. Plus increasing endurance and strength! Along with promoting muscle recovery and reducing fat loss!

You’ll love the brand for manufacturing such a best BCAA for women. The flavor of fruit punch is a healthy sweet treat for the body. At the same time, don’t expect the taste to be overpowering. That means it’s delightful for all types of taste buds.

Now it’s time to talk about the essential ingredients present in here. The ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine is optimal. To be more specific, it’s 2:1:1. So muscle protein integration is inevitable. Along with an increase in muscle recovery and endurance!

Needless to say, the BPI Sports BCAA Powder preserves your lean muscles. And improves muscle growth. So you can engage in strenuous physical training as much as you like.

The BPI Sports BCAA Powder is an option created for all age groups. Staying in good health and shape when older is more difficult. At such times, your body requires faster recovery. Only then can you hit the gym more frequently. So for regular training, at whatever age, nothing performs better than the BPI Sports BCAA Powder.

There’s not a single complaint regarding the performance of this supplement. It’s only the dissolving capacity of the powder that constitutes a letdown. As a result of which you might not appreciate the gritty sips.


  • The BPI Sports powder is very useful for lifting in a fasting state.
  • Its CLA Matrix formula builds and preserves lean muscles.
  • The flavor is mildly sweet, which is great.


  • Not a women-specific formula.
  • The powder refuses to dissolve completely.

Best BCAA™ Breakdown - Know Your Supps - BPI Sports

2. Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer Powder – The Best BCAA for Women Athletes

Red Leaf Pre Workout Energizer Powder, BCAA's, Beta-Alanine, Amino...
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When you combine pre-workout nutrition with a delicious blend, this is what you get. The Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer Powder is a delightful supplement. And why wouldn’t it be when the natural flavor consists of cranberry and lime!

What this best BCAA for women does is deliver carnosine to the muscles. This particular component is crucial to women. As it fuels workout intensity and reduces fatigue.

As for the amino acids content, it feeds the muscles to enable them to support your stronger workouts. In the same blend, you also gain access to AAKG and glutamine. For boosting nitric oxide and after-workout recovery!

Now let’s get to the part where I talk about the antioxidants found in here. The Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer Powder includes pure green tea and cranberry extracts. These hold antioxidants that support vibrant energy and health.

Since we’re on the same page, you’ll be thrilled to know that the blend also offersa minimal dosage of natural caffeine. This is where your jitter-free encouragement comes from.

To save you from finding out the meaning of complicated medical/scientific terms, allow me to sum it up. The Red Leaf Powder is a healthy boost for complementing your workout sessions. These include HIIT, CrossFit, running, weightlifting, and the like.

Once you start using the powder consistently, you’ll notice a considerable improvement in your energy and workout time. This Red Leaf supplement is an excellent choice for athletes training for competitions. And also for fitness enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the treadmill or strength conditioning.

Normally, a single scoop should do the trick. But that’s not the case with the Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer Powder. Some people end up adding two scoops or more in order to feel something.


  • The formula provides an energy boost with no crash.
  • ​Every bit of the powder dissolves completely.
  • It acts as a relatively healthier alternative to the morning coffee.


  • Initial consumption might make you feel jittery.
  • Larger quantity is required for desired results.

3. ScivationXtend BCAA Powder – The Best BCAA for Women Athletes
XTEND Original BCAA Powder Strawberry Kiwi Splash | Sugar Free Post...
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The current option ranks among the most advanced Branched-Chain Amino Acid supplements. It’s known as the ScivationXtend BCAA Powder. Apart from the optimal 2:1:1 ratio, there’s a unique mixture of electrolytes. These induce maximum hydration most effectively.

Not many supplements offer such a calorie-free method of grinding through workout sessions.

ScivationXtend BCAA Powder is functional after, during, and before training. It helps in facilitating fat loss. While also constructing new muscles! It orchestrates the much-needed protein synthesis. And balances intracellular energy! And this is how the energizing powder shortens recovery time. The feeling of recovery and recovery are brought about at the same time.

The effects you’re looking at here are immediate and observable. That means it’s time to welcome longer strength/cardio oriented routines. Evolving to weightlifting and running also becomes more tolerable.

But major differences are noticeable in weight training. So it’s only common sense to believe that this best BCAA for women helps in getting more muscular. With a drastic decrease in muscle soreness!

So are you skeptical about how or whether supplements work? If yes, then this is exactly the kind of product you should consider buying. It offers observable evidence when it comes to effectiveness. Especially in terms of quicker and better muscle recovery!

How do you know when BCAAs like these work? When your workouts become easier! And your body stronger and less sore! Am I right? In that case, you’ll appreciate all ingredients present in the ScivationXtend BCAA Powder.

To my surprise, the product is packed with added sugar as well. So are you a fitness enthusiast who prefers leaving out artificial sweeteners? If so, you’ll be happier opting for another best BCAA for women.


  • The Scivation powder blends in just about anything easily.
  • ​The taste is delicious.
  • It is the most suitable for heavy morning workouts.


  • Artificial sweeteners are also a part of the mix.
Ready Set GO

4. Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules – The Best BCAA for Muscle Soreness
Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules, Keto Friendly Branched...
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Once you start these BCAA Capsules, you won’t take long to notice what they do best. And that is help in drastically reducing muscle soreness. A condition often accompanied by vigorous physical training.

Also, did you know that this BCAA for women is also suitable for men? The capsules are designed to increase metabolism and accelerate muscle recovery. Another primary function is to promote muscle mass. Apart from reducing body fat and improving endurance and insulin sensitivity!

Since the supplements are in capsule form, they are unflavored. That means no chances of finding any added sweeteners or sugar. Swallowing them quickly with water is quite a hassle-free task.

As for promoting protein muscle integration, the preferred BCAA ratio is highly effective. And to be clear, these results include quicker muscle recovery and muscle growth.

You can choose to have the Optimum Nutrition BCAA Capsules after or before the workout. When taken before, they increase strength and endurance. While also avoiding sore muscles! When taken after, they kick-start the process of protein synthesis. And you know what that does, don’t you?

Many people primarily use Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules to ease muscle soreness. More often than not, harder workouts tend to cause a lot of muscle tension. So in these circumstances, such supplements don’t make you feel as sore as you normally would.

You have to take two capsules per day. And at a specific time between your meals! Is that correct? Now, this sounds a lot less convenient as compared to consuming the powdered version.


  • An increase in cardio and strength endurance is assured.
  • ​There are no artificial flavors/sweeteners and sugar.
  • The quantity of supplements is large in a single bottle.


  • Not a women-specific formula.
  • Capsules are quite inconvenient to incorporate into daily life.

5. FitMiss Women’s BCAA Powder – The Best BCAA for Weight Loss
FitMiss Women’s BCAA Powder, 6 Grams of BCAA Amino Acids,...
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The chances of falling in love with the FitMiss Women’s BCAA Powder are pretty high. And why not when it’s considered to be the best BCAA for weight loss! What’s even better is the combination of delicious taste and excellent consistency.

Allow me to applaud the delectable flavor of strawberry margarita. If you think it’s too sugary or sweet, that’s where you’re wrong. The taste is nothing but surprisingly pleasant. It makes the process of consuming the supplement seem more like a treat.

The BCAA ratio you get here is 3:2:1. This differs from the others, doesn’t it? That’s because the FitMiss Women’s BCAA Powder is formulated to increase metabolism. What that does is help with weight loss. The ratio also increases protein synthesis in the muscles to build up muscle mass. Repairing muscle tissues is another one of its noteworthy benefits.

Not many people know this but the FitMiss Women’s BCAA Powder curbs appetite. So if you’re trying to achieve more muscles and reduce fat, your body demands something like this. An increase in your metabolism rate is ideal at such times.

So don’t think twice before consuming this particular strawberry margarita infused supplement. Either post or pre-workout! Especially if you’re into performing tough physical movements during every gym session!

You’ll appreciate nothing more than the consistency and taste of the FitMiss Women’s BCAA Powder. Apart from recognizing the worth of the supplement to help you shed unwanted fat.

The standard 30 servings are what you get. So why is the container so big?


  • The powder curbs appetite while also providing nutrition.
  • ​There are no feelings of “jittery” or “crash” to deal with here.
  • It mixes well with water, milk, and other drinks.


  • Artificial sweeteners are also present.
  • The container is huge.

The current BCAA product is manufactured by BulkSupplements. A brand that delivers affordable, clean, and high-quality BCAAs! So it’s no surprise to know that athletically inclined women incorporate these 100% pure vegetarian capsules into their daily routine. Either half an hour before or after the workout!

The BulkSupplements Branched Chain Essential Amino Acids don’t just make promises. But deliver on them too. They are well engineered to increase your bulk. While also preventing the breakdown of lean muscles! The supplement offers continuous muscle building along with health benefits.

So what are these health benefits? Less fatigue, more energy and endurance, and reduction in muscle soreness. Along with an increase in muscular capacity! You can expect your cortisol levels to reduce as well. The pump that you achieve after each serving is something you’ll admire the most.

So are you aiming for better overall strength? Without spending too much money? If so, you know where to look.

What you get in this case is the most effective and healthiest ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. To activate protein synthesis! And what you don’t get is artificial sweeteners, fillers, chemicals, and colors. To discourage unhealthy habits and sugar consumption!

Here’s something you ought to know. When you feel like consuming more in a single serving, don’t expect the taste to not be bitter. Irrespective of how well you mix it with the food source!


  • The BulkSupplements BCAA is perfect for training empty stomach.
  • ​It makes you less lethargic during the workout.
  • The formula quality is pure and free of artificial elements.


  • Packaging is poor.
  • The taste is quite unpleasant.

7. Sheer Strength Labs BCAA Capsules – The Best BCAA for Faster Muscle Building
Sheer Strength Labs BCAA Capsules - Extra Strength 1,950mg Branched...
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Sheer Strength Labs offers 90 capsules in a single bottle. With two each day, you have an excellent supply of an entire month. So you don’t have to worry about quantity. You can depend on the Sheer Strength Labs BCAA Capsules to build your muscles faster.

The ingredients added to the formula stimulate protein synthesis in the body. This is the primary function of such a best BCAA for women. It helps in adding muscles effectively.

The useful BCAA ratio also works toward quicker recovery and reducing excessive soreness. There are some products with sources derived from poor quality food items. But Sheer Strength Labs is a company that uses only the best quality ingredients.

The effectiveness of this particular supplement is observable across all age groups. So it doesn’t matter even if you’re 50 or above. The Sheer Strength Labs BCAA Capsules provide maximum assistance for getting fit.

When you incorporate BCAAs into your daily workout routine, this is what you’re inviting. Performance boost, quicker muscle recovery, more fat loss, and an increase in muscle growth. But muscle building, to be more specific, is the greatest benefit of the Sheer Strength Labs BCAA Capsules.

The only complaint I have about the product is that it takes some time to deliver an effective outcome. So the wait can be slightly discouraging for your fitness and health goals.


  • The capsules work for both younger and older women.
  • ​They reduce body fat while building muscles.
  • This is the best BCAA for a vegan diet.


  • Results take time to appear.


8. IdealLean BCAAs for Women – The Healthiest BCAA for Women
IdealLean BCAA For Women ‐ Amino Acids for Women | Maximize Fat Burn...
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IdealLean as a company is amazing. And its Orange Paradise flavor as a BCAA supplement is even more amazing. The formula contains zero sugar and calories. With an optimal level of essential type amino acids! The whole purpose of buying BCAA is so that your body receives enough Leucine. And that’s exactly what you get!

The presence of Vitamin B ensures proper muscle building and formation. The kind of energy you gain after a single serving lasts throughout the entire workout. On top of that, you don’t end up feeling sore and tired after every physical training session. No matter how strenuous!

Don’t hesitate to consume the drink after or before your exercise. And once you do, be prepared to promote the building of muscles. Along with burning fat and reducing muscle soreness!

Plus, you get access to all these benefits without unnecessary sugar and calories. Doesn’t that sound amazing!

In short, the IdealLean BCAAs for Women is a high-quality supplement. That also contains coconut powder and green tea. To provide your body with the hydration it needs for vigorous training. So for an ideally lean body, nothing ranks better than IdealLean.

The IdealLeanOrange Paradise BCAA is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. These replenish your body during and after the workout. On top of that, the flavoring is great. Without having to deal with too much sweetness!

Unfortunately, IdealLean BCAAs also consist of soy, milk, and other such allergens. So if you’re not up for these kinds of compounds, it’s better to select another option.


  • Performance improvement is undeniable.
  • The flavor is not too strong or overpowering.


  • It fails to dissolve completely.
  • Traces of soy, milk, and other allergens are also present.

IdealLean BCAA's!

9. NLA for Her HerAminos Comprehensive Amino Acid Blend– The Best BCAA for Any Time of The Day
NLA for Her - Her Aminos - Comprehensive Amino Acid Blend - Supports...
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When it comes to supplements, some fitness enthusiasts are hard to please. But Her Aminos manufactured by NLA for Her don’t need to do much pleasing. The flavor, quality, and effectiveness of this amino acid blend offer instant contentment.

It provides your body with all the energy it requires. For training and post-training recovery! The flavor of Pink Lemonade contains no sugar or other such stimulants. Even caffeine is not an ingredient you’ll find in here. So no adverse reactions to deal with! And that’s what makes it such a healthy option for women.

Once you make Her Aminos a part of your daily diet, you’ll notice no muscle wastage. Thanks to the addition of anti-catabolic properties. The formula is mixed with glutamine and taurine as well. These are also elements responsible for muscle building.

So to sum it up, feel free to take HerAminos as many as five times per week. In the evening, morning, before-workout, or after-workout; it doesn’t matter. What you’re looking at in this case is versatility at its best.

Her Aminos are known to increase the level of protein synthesis. They also eliminate catabolism. And promote better faster recovery. Supplementing with this BCAA daily allows your body to perform strenuous physical movements on a regular basis. In fact, you come back even stronger with each passing day.

Here’s some unpleasant news for your taste buds. Her Aminos are difficult to swallow. The solution of which is to have them with a chilled drink.


  • BCAAs by NLA for Her help with soreness and cravings.
  • ​There are no artificial sweeteners or caffeine.
  • Allergic reactions and side effects are nil.


  • Results might take a while.
  • They are not easy to swallow.
NLA for Her Product Review: Her Whey, Shred Her, Uplift, and Her Aminos

The last pick is the best vegan BCAA for women. It’s called the Truth Nutrition Naturally Fermented BCAA Powder. It is packed with the most effective ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Created to improve endurance, speed, and strength!

If you have fitness goals that include a lean body, this is the kind of BCAA you might want to try. It makes a huge difference when powerlifting, CrossFit, or bodybuilding training.

But that’s not the best part yet. The most engaging aspect is the absence of unwanted substances. Such as artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners! Along with zero chemicals!

This red raspberry BCAA powder promotes protein synthesis in the most efficient manner. It boosts the growth of lean muscles and reduces tissue damage. The latter is very useful for post-workout relief.

In all, the Truth Nutrition Naturally Fermented BCAA Powder allows you to make the most at the gym. Plus, it goes through the fermentation procedure. So maximum purity is retained without using harmful chemical solvents! You won’t get anything purer and healthier than this!

It’s not easy to find the best BCAA for women on a vegan diet. In that case, there’s a lot to appreciate here. The Truth Nutrition Naturally Fermented BCAA Powder uses quality ingredients. Even the manufacturing process it goes through is top-notch.

Sadly, the taste of this raspberry flavor is medicine-like. But, to be honest, that doesn’t seem so unpleasant at the time of drinking. It’s only the aftertaste that you might not find so appealing.


  • This Truth Nutrition BCAA is paleo and vegan-friendly.
  • ​It improves energy levels noticeably.
  • Minimal packaging is another eco-friendly advantage.


  • Aftertaste is not so great.

Best BCAA for Women: The Basics of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)


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Haven’t we seen them in gyms? The shaker bottles filled with pink concoctions. The chances of these drinks being some form of BCAA mixture are quite likely.

The debate about the effectiveness and use of BCAA is crucial. And even necessary as far as nutrition and fitness realms are concerned. Some trainers can’t stop raving about how it fills the gaps when it comes to getting daily nutrition. BCAAs also help in preserving the fasting state. While others find them completely unnecessary! Provided you’re meeting the daily nutritional requirements.

So what’s the truth? Are BCAA powders and capsules really necessary?

Are they only for men? And if not, do they offer the same advantages to women as well?

Now that you what the best BCAA for women is, it’s time to get to understand the ABCs of this particular supplement. In that case, allow me to begin by asking the most fundamental question.

What is BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid)?


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Basically, BCAAs are a set of three amino acids. And not just any amino acids, but essential ones!

Why stress on the word “essential”? It’s because “essential” points out to a particular kind of amino that our body doesn’t produce naturally. So if you desire to provide your body with this specific component, you have to consume it. In the form of liquid, food, or dietary supplement!

The non-essential type refers to amino acid that the body does produce on its own. That means you don’t need to add it to your daily diet.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids contain the following “essential” components:

1. Leucine

It’s the most important ingredient present in BCAA. The primary job of Leucine is to stimulate protein synthesis. A function that’s central to developing new muscles.

The relationship between protein synthesis and amino acid is highly interactive.

Another key function of Leucine is the stimulation of the mTOR enzyme. This particular component contributes to the process of cell growth. In fact, it also stimulates fat loss and maintains muscle mass. The latter is especially useful during a calorie deficit.

2. Isoleucine

This ranks second on the list. Iso-leucine takes care of increasing glucose metabolism in your muscle tissue. Along with glucose absorption! It is even responsible for improving energy level and regulating blood sugar.

Isoleucine plays an important role in providing energy supply to muscle tissues. A function that’s critical when indulging in extensive exercise. Or during periods of acute hunger!

When the level of Isoleucine is not high enough in your blood, the body steals from the “storage reserves”. And if that happens, you’re looking at a decrease in muscle mass and Leucine.

In that case, trainers and athletes should make sure they consume enough Isoleucine. Only then can you keep up with your goal progression.

3. Valine

The third, and the not as valuable as the first two, component is Valine. But that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial at all.

Valine is used in the fermentation of all alcoholic beverages. And it works as a fundamental building block for many essential enzymes.

What Valine in BCAAs does is contribute to improving your energy provisioning action. The outcome of which is increased muscle mass and physical strength.

Why Should I Use BCAA?


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If you want to buy the best BCAA for women, it’s important to know why. So before you upgrade your training level, please consider what I have to say in this section.

Sound nutrition coupled with weightlifting produces only certain types of results. When you want to up your game to maximize results, supplements are essential.

A daily dosage of amino acids sets a proper foundation for any supplement regimen.

But allow me to be more specific. Here’s why you might want to incorporate the best BCAA for women into your daily routine.

  • It supports the immune system

When your body receives BCAAs regularly, it strengthens immune capabilities. Strenuous physical exercise means subjecting your muscles to excessive stress. At such times, if the body lacks tolerance, everything can come crashing down. You might experience severe muscle fatigue. Along with feelings of exhaustion and decreased recovery!

As I said before, the body doesn’t produce essential amino on its own. The result of which is a weaker immune system. So this is when the best BCAA for women might help.

  • It prevents deficiencies associated with amino acids

If you work out or diet religiously, it’s necessary to avoid the formation of such deficiencies. This is also applicable for professional athletes actively training for competitions.

As for more experienced body builders, their system requires sufficient protein synthesis. The only way to achieve this is to maintain a proper level of amino acids.

An increase in muscle mass is inevitable when protein synthesis occurs. Basically, old tissues repair while the news ones are building up. And the quicker such an action takes place, the faster results you see in terms of strength and muscle gain.

  • It maintains muscle mass

When the body is undergoing physical stress, it’s necessary for you to incorporate a breather. A recovery break from training, physical exertion, and weightlifting, right? So at such times, what happens is you start to experience muscle loss eventually.

The most appropriate time to supplement with the best BCAA for women is as follows:

  • After putting up with major surgeries.
  • When taking a long break from physical training sessions.

The intake of BCAAs at such a point helps in speeding up the recovery rate.

We all stress about consuming enough carbs and proteins. During both post and pre-workout periods! Or think about consuming other supplements for muscle building. By doing so, we’re totally neglecting to supply the body with BCAA. So, with that in order, it’s time to give them their long overdue importance.

How Do I Determine The Correct BCAA Ratio?


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The best BCAA for women should have the following ratio:

Leucine: Isoleucine: Valine - 2:1:1

There are many options on the current market with a much higher Leucine ratio. For example, 8 or even 10!

So if you’re not well acquainted with the way these supplements work, allow me to disclose the truth. A 10:1:1 ratio is not 5x or 8:1:1 ratio is not 4x better than its 2:1:1 counterpart. Applying that logic makes no sense in this case.

The normal ratio does an excellent job of increasing protein synthesis. In the most effective manner! This is something that consuming more Leucine exclusively doesn’t do!

Here’s another reason that encourages you to opt for the proper ratio. The 2:1:1 value is perfect for maximizing energy and minimizing fatigue. And isn’t that the whole point of buying the best BCAA for women!

Your Decision to Make!

For an improvement in muscle building and overall fitness, your body demands BCAAs. These essential supplements offer all kinds of benefits. But the problem here is finding something high-quality and effective. Am I right?

In that case, there are as many as 10 different BCAAs reviewed in the article. But if what you want are noticeable results, here’s an option you should consider buying. The BPI Sports BCAA Powder.

It utilizes a certain component that enables faster absorption. So muscle building is an outcome that presents itself quicker than expected. The manufacturer offers fantastic flavors. These work toward providing the body with an optimal level of hydration as well. And once you try them out, there’s no turning back. Trust me.

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