Are Waterbeds Good For Your Back? (The Truth About Waterbeds)

There are many misconceptions and myths circling around waterbeds. More often than not, these cause a lot of confusion. So you end up not buying a waterbed for that reason. But are waterbeds good for your back, seriously?

Do waterbeds perform as well as the popular spring mattresses? If you’re looking for the correct answers, then maybe I can help you with that.

What You Should Know Before Reading On


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The traditional design of waterbeds did not offer an optimal support system. For the lumbar region! Unlike a spring mattress that is built to provide lumbar support quite easily. So back in those days, this was enough to answer the following question. Why aren’t waterbeds popular anymore?

Even mattress manufacturers started to declare that waterbeds mess with body alignment. Particularly your natural spine alignment! But this is what the past looked like. The present and the future are not the same, obviously. Thanks to the advancement of technology.

Waterbed companies have now begun to up their game. The outcome of which comes in the form of waterbeds that are no less supportive. Than their spring mattress counterparts! These modern designs are well equipped to offer semi-wave and full wave movements. You even get the opportunity to opt for no waves at all.

So are waterbeds good for your back? Is that what you’re wondering? The answer is in the positive. They are good and supportive for your spine and its alignment.

The Groovy Origins of the Waterbed

Waterbed Benefits

Modern waterbeds and spring mattresses have a lot in common. The former delivers proper back support. By making use of heavy-duty vinyl material mattresses! Likewise, waterbed manufacturing companies have adopted several changes. And continue to do so. In order to eliminate all possible misconceptions and myths about waterbeds! (The rise and fall of the waterbed)

So are waterbeds good for your back? Do you want to know more about the answer to this question? If so, you have to understand all waterbed health benefits. This way you’ll be able to make a purchase without any doubts.

  • Waterbeds provide three different movements. These include no wave, semi-wave, and full wave. Each action offers a specific set of health benefits. However, it’s the unfavorable full wave movement that’s also responsible for back pain.

Such a waterbed enables your spine to sink into the surface. Rather than your back lowering into it. This is the primary cause of spine misalignment problems. So it’s advisable to opt for a waterbed that delivers either semi-wave or no wave action at all.

  • Waterbeds provide heat to your body. Here’s what answers your question, are waterbeds good for your back? This is one of the greatest advantages of waterbeds.

The waterbed structure consists of a unique mechanism. Created to promote the health of multiple body muscles! These include hip, neck, and back muscles. Much like hot water bags that reduce pain and stress! Especially in the spine region!

Therefore a waterbed is the papa bear and a hot water bag is the baby bear. With that in mind, the level of relaxation you might feel when lying down on your waterbed is amplified. When you subject the vulnerable areas of your body to such heat, life starts to feel normal again.

  • Waterbeds have a positive impact on affected joints. There are orthopedic type spring mattresses now available too. Am I right? They contribute to reducing excessive pain and discomfort in your spine.

The only way these mattresses can minimize pain is by exerting pressure. On troubled joints! You have nothing but the advancement of science and technology to hold accountable. And there’s no reason to believe that the same cannot be said about waterbeds.

Other Waterbed Health Benefits


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Are waterbeds good for your back? Are waterbeds comfortable? You finally know the answers, don’t you?

But that’s not it. Waterbeds don’t just improve spine health. They have the ability to offer lots more.

1. Waterbeds Relieve Arthritis Pain

The condition is quite common among people over the age of 50. But you already knew that. What you probably don’t know is the answer to the following question. Are waterbeds good for arthritis?

What waterbeds do is distribute body weight evenly. That means they can relieve the pressure caused by joints affected by arthritis. And even better news is that waterbeds generate heat. This is very useful for improving blood circulation. When that happens, you can expect a significant decrease in arthritis pain.

2. Waterbeds Induce Sleep

Insomniacs and people with sleep disturbances might benefit from sleeping on waterbeds. The chances of such a natural remedy working might not be completely in your favor. But it’s worth a shot.

Waterbeds do more than just help deal with conditions like insomnia. They even allow you to sleep for longer hours. And lower the amount of time you wake up at night. In short, waterbeds balance your sleep onset.

3. Waterbeds Heal Bedsores

Being bedridden on a spring mattress can cause the pressure points to wreak havoc. And this is what leads to the formation of ulcers. But you can prevent such a tragedy from taking place. Simply by opting for a waterbed rather than a conventional mattress!

The heat generated by a waterbed lowers the excessive pressure present in the body. And that means slimmer chances of developing ulcers. Or other such conditions.

In case the ulcers are already in place, there’s no reason to wait to make the switch. A waterbed can accelerate the healing of ulcers as well.

Bottom Line

The truth of the matter is that not many medical professionals recommend waterbeds. Especially when it comes to healing painful problems! Like arthritis, bedsores, backache, and more!

Even so, it’s not such a bad idea to invest in a good, high-quality waterbed. The product doesn’t cure the condition completely. But it definitely helps in relieving the pain and discomfort caused by it.

And regarding the question, are waterbeds good for your back? The answer is YES. But only the kind that offers no wave or semi-wave movements. A waterbed equipped with full wave action lacks optimal back support.

You should also ensure that it is equipped with a functional heating system. Such a mechanism delivers therapeutic thermal benefits that go a long way.

So I have provided you with enough information about the effectiveness of waterbeds. I’ve tried to explain the answer in the simplest manner. And with complete honesty!

Have you tried lying down on any modern waterbed in order to get rid of a backache? If yes, did sleeping on it help?

Please do share your experience with us here. Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.


1. Are waterbeds good for your back? (3 facts you need to know).

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