SAP Payroll Training Course: FREE

Class Summary

Payroll is a process to calculate the salary and wages of permanent and temporary employees of an organization. Employee payroll processing is one of the key HR functions in any organization. Payroll is a sub-module of SAP HCM. This course gives an overview onuse of SAP for end to end payroll processing.

What should I know?

  1. Knowledge of SAP basics.
  2. Knowledge of SAP HCM.

Training Syllabus

Important Payroll Concepts for Beginners

👉 Tutorial Overview Of Payroll Process
👉 Tutorial What Is Payroll Area and Period
👉 Tutorial Control Record
👉 Tutorial How to execute Payroll
👉 Tutorial How To Check Payroll Results
👉 Tutorial How to DELETE Payroll Results

Must know Payroll Information

👉 Tutorial How to Execute Payroll in Background
👉 Tutorial What is Off Cycle Payroll
👉 Tutorial How to Audit Payroll
👉 Tutorial What is MATCHCODE W
👉 Tutorial Types of WageTypes in SAP
👉 Tutorial Wage Type Reporter

Post Payroll-Run Activities

Once payroll is processed, these activities ensure the salary information is transafered to bank and finance departments for payments and accounting

👉 Tutorial Bank Transfer
👉 Tutorial 10 BEST Payroll Service for Small Business in USA
👉 Tutorial 6 Best ADP Competitors & Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 6 BEST Gusto Alternatives & Competitors
👉 Tutorial 6 BEST Paychex Competitors & Alternatives
👉 Tutorial 8 Best HR Outsourcing Companies
👉 Tutorial 7 Best HRIS Software & Systems
👉 Tutorial 7 Best HCM (Human Capital Management) Software & Platforms
👉 Tutorial Posting to General Ledger