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When you own a brewery, you've got to anticipate risks beyond the obvious. From huge disasters like fires to minor losses like spoiled inventory, there are all kinds of hazards you need protection for. That's where having brewery insurance comes in.

Fortunately, our independent insurance agents are here to help you find the right brewery insurance policy for your business. They’ll help you keep your business open and operational for many years to come. But first, let’s talk a bit more about this important coverage. 

Risks and Liabilities for Breweries

Many risks are involved in the manufacturing of beer and other food or drinks you sell, and during brewery tours and on-site events that you offer. Your brewery's risk level depends on the type of business you operate (microbrewery, craft brewery, etc.) and if it has a tasting room, restaurant, pub, or other on-site operations.

Of course, beyond the threats that can halt production of beverages, there are also liability risks involving the public to consider. Your business can be held liable for an intoxicated guest causing accidents, etc., even after they leave your brewery. 

Here are just a few scenarios to consider when hunting for coverage for your brewery:

  • A batch gets contaminated or spoiled and is unusable by your brewery.
  • A customer gets involved in an alcohol-related car accident after leaving your brewery, and your business gets sued.
  • Vital equipment or machinery unexpectedly breaks down, leading to property damage, loss of inventory or product, and extended downtime.
  • A customer, vendor or delivery person slips, trips, or falls on your property and presses charges.
  • Weather events, fire, theft, or vandalism damages or destroys your building and contents.

An independent insurance agent can further explain all the risks involved in running a brewery that would benefit from the proper coverage. They'll walk you through the process of getting set up with the right brewery insurance program for your business.


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Coverages Your Brewery Needs

Because each brewery’s needs differ, you may need to combine a few insurance policies and endorsements to properly cover your business. With the help of an independent insurance agent, you can determine which types of coverage you need, including:

  • Business property coverage: Protects your building(s) and contents from fire damage, weather events, theft, vandalism, and other covered causes. 
  • Business interruption coverage: Pays for ongoing expenses, lost income, and relocation costs if you can’t operate or you need to relocate after a covered loss.
  • Liability coverage: This includes general liability and liquor liability to protect your business against third-party lawsuits for claims of property damage or bodily injury.
  • Product recall coverage: Helps cover costs of products that get recalled due to being unsafe for public consumption.
  • Workers' compensation: Covers employee injuries, illnesses, and death on the job, or due to job-related activities.
  • Cyber liability: Protects your business's electronic data and records, etc., from breaches and other cyber crimes.
  • Business auto coverage: Necessary if your brewery uses commercial vehicles for deliveries, etc., to protect against accidents and other liabilities. 

An independent insurance agent can help advise on which protections are the right fit for your specific brewery.

Additional Brewery Coverages to Consider

You may need a variety of additional brewers insurance policies or microbrewery insurance. Talk to an independent insurance agent about these add-ons and endorsements specifically designed for breweries, like:

  • Tank collapse coverage: Pays for expenses related to processing water after a tank collapse.
  • Tank leakage coverage: Provides protection for leakage of completed or in-process beer from a tank or other container. 
  • Restaurant property coverage: Provides protection for restaurant equipment if you operate a restaurant along with your brewery.
  • Inland marine coverage: Protects your brews and other products or equipment while it's in transit.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: Pays for costs of sudden and accidental breakdown of machinery and equipment.
  • Contamination and spoilage coverage: Pays for certain losses if your inventory is spoiled or contaminated due to refrigeration problems or utility interruptions. 

If you're unsure of what additional coverages, if any, your brewery may need, your independent insurance agent can help clarify any confusion and get you set up with all the protection necessary for success.

Why Do I Need Brewery Insurance?

All types of business need the right protection. Beyond the threats to your brewery's inventory and equipment are potential hazards that could harm the public when they interact with your business. Customers, workers, and other guests can get injured or sick because of your brewery's premises, products, or operations.

Without the proper coverage, just one major incident could send your business into the red. Lawsuits are extremely expensive, and much more so if you're lacking the proper coverage. If you fail to secure the right brewery insurance, your business could end up going bankrupt after just one lawsuit or other huge disaster like a fire.

How Much Does Brewery Insurance Cost?

As with any other type of coverage, the cost of your brewery insurance depends on a number of factors, like the size of your brewery. If you run a huge brewery, you'll most likely pay much more for your policy than a microbrewery would.

The average cost of brewery insurance is about $77-$109 monthly for a policy that includes $1 million of liability insurance. But the cost of your policy also depends on your brewery's location and specific operations. An independent insurance agent can help you find exact brewery insurance quotes in your area.

Where to Find Brewery Insurance

The best way to find the right carrier for your brewery insurance is through working with an independent insurance agent. They know which insurance companies to recommend that will meet your needs, and can provide informed suggestions based on company reliability, rates, and more.

While many insurance companies could create a craft brewery insurance policy for you, finding coverage could also depend on the area you live in. Here are a few of the top companies for brewery coverage.

Top companies for brewery coverage Star Rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Acadia Insurance
5 star rating
Century Insurance
Bankers Insurance
3.5/5 star rating

Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

It’s simple. Independent insurance agents simplify the process by shopping and comparing insurance quotes for you. Not only that, but they’ll also cut the jargon and clarify the fine print so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Independent insurance agents also have access to multiple insurance companies, ultimately finding you the best brewery coverage, accessibility, and competitive pricing while working for you.

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