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Learn about Travelers Insurance and if their coverage is a good choice for you.
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Trusted Choice's Travelers Insurance Score

5 Stars

5 Stars

Trusted Choice rates Travelers Insurance 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks to the plethora of excellent discounts available across multiple types of insurance, customers can expect to have their coverage needs met at competitive rates through Travelers. Additionally, as a longstanding and well-established company with truly impressive financial strength, it’s safe to say that customers can trust this carrier with their hard-earned cash. We also love that they sell their products through a massive network of independent insurance agents, who offer a more personalized experience for customers. When it comes to insurance, nothing’s more important than quality coverage offered by a guaranteed, secure and reputable company, and Travelers fits the bill beautifully.

Travelers offers a wide variety of insurance products sold through a massive network of independent insurance agents. Travelers insurance ratings are the highest possible from AM Best, and very high from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Travelers insurance reviews by customers are overwhelmingly positive as well. Customers report great rates and excellent customer service experiences with the carrier. Travelers' high ratings from official organizations and customers alike demonstrate the insurance company's capability to deliver on its coverage promises.

Take a closer look at Travelers, and you'll find they offer the kind of service you can expect from a premier company. Explore Travelers Insurance to hear from our experts, and customers, as well.

Travelers Insurance Pros & Cons

Pros: Cons:
Offers a wide variety of coverages
Auto insurance only offered in 42 states
Offers personal and commercial coverages
Auto insurance premiums are reportedly higher than competitors'
Long-standing carrier
Disturbing volume of complaints filed through the BBB
More than 165 years of experience
Below-average ratings by J.D. Power for claims satisfaction
Affordable rates
Quality customer service
Positive customer feedback
Endorsements available
Many discounts available

What Types of Insurance Does Travelers Offer?

Travelers is one of the largest and most established insurance companies in the nation. Both individual and business insurance policies are available. Travelers Insurance currently offers the following types of coverage:

Travelers Car & Auto Insurance

  • Cars & SUVs
  • Boat and yacht insurance
  • Classic car
  • RV/trailer/motorhome
  • ATV and off-road vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf carts and low-speed vehicles

Travelers offers its auto insurance through a large network of independent insurance agents who can provide a more personalized experience for customers, and also help them to fully customize their policies. Because of this, Travelers' auto insurance can be a good match for folks who want to have the ability to purchase only the types of auto insurance that benefit their personal needs. While Travelers offers the standard coverages you'd expect in an auto insurance policy such as liability and collision, it also offers roadside assistance coverage, rideshare coverage, loan/lease gap insurance, and many others. 

But while Travelers has received excellent and superior ratings by the BBB and AM Best, its auto insurance received below-average scores in J.D. Power's Auto Claims Satisfaction Study in 2021. Still, the carrier boasts solid financial strength and clearly has been well-equipped to pay out customer claims since 1853.

Travelers Car Insurance Average Prices

Our data for average car insurance costs by age range is based on a policy with $50,000 bodily injury liability per person, $100,000 bodily injury liability per accident, and $50,000 in property damage liability per incident. These policies also include a $500 deductible for collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Average Car Insurance Costs by Age Range

Driver Age Range National Average Car Insurance Price
16–17 $508
18–19 $361
20-24 $196
25-29 $134
30-39 $121
40-49 $116
50-59 $108
60-69 $110
70-79 $130
80+ $237

To get our data for the national average car insurance costs by state, check out our car insurance calculator.

Travelers Auto Insurance Discounts

Travelers offers several auto insurance discounts, including multi-car discounts, home ownership discounts, multi-policy (bundling) discounts, safe driver discounts, continuous insurance discounts, and hybrid/electric car insurance discounts.

Travelers Auto Insurance Reviews

  • BBB Travelers auto insurance reviews: While the BBB's official rating for Travelers is A, customer reviews for the carrier's coverage are an average of only 1.11 out of 5.
  • J.D. Power Travelers car insurance reviews: J.D. Power awarded Travelers auto insurance a below-average rating for claims satisfaction in 2021.
  • AM Best Travelers auto insurance reviews: AM Best rated Travelers A++ or "superior" — the highest available rating — in terms of financial strength in 2022.
  • NAIC Travelers car insurance reviews: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reported fewer-than-average complaints concerning Travelers' auto insurance, with a score of 0.64, which is much lower than the median of 1.00.

Travelers Auto Insurance Rates

For more information about Travelers' auto insurance rates, or to get a quote for local coverage, work together with an independent insurance agent in your area. Travelers does not advertise its auto insurance rates on the official website without going through the process of obtaining a quote, and rates often vary depending on your location and personal details like credit score, etc.

Travelers Standard Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Coverage Type What It Pays for Required?
Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability This coverage provides the bodily injury liability and/or property damage liability as required by your state, in case you cause injury or property damage to a third party with your vehicle. Required in almost every state.
Collision coverage This coverage applies whether your car is owned or leased, and can cover incidents of accidents with another vehicle or object, or if your car rolls over. Most often required.
Comprehensive coverage This coverage can reimburse for damage to your car caused by disasters other than collision, such as fire, hail, etc. It can also reimburse for vehicle theft, natural disaster damage, collisions with large animals, windshield breakage, etc. Not often required unless by car loan or lease contract.
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage This coverage can help cover the costs of getting into an accident with another driver who doesn't carry any or enough coverage of their own to cover their portion of responsibility. Required in some states and may be sold as two separate coverages depending on where you live.

Beyond the standard auto insurance coverages, Travelers also offers the following:

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage

This coverage can pay for medical expenses and sometimes other costs/damages like lost wages, no matter which driver is found to be at fault for an accident.

Medical payments coverage

This coverage can reimburse drivers for the cost of treatment for their own injuries, or their passengers' injuries, after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. This coverage also can reimburse for medical treatment of injuries you sustain as a pedestrian.

Loan/lease gap coverage

This coverage can help reimburse the difference between your car's actual cash value and the leftover balance of your vehicle's loan or lease if it gets totaled before being paid off fully.

Roadside assistance coverage

This coverage can send assistance to tow your vehicle if you get stranded at home or while out on the road due to a number of disasters, including a dead battery.

Accident forgiveness coverage

Part of Travelers' "Responsible Driver Plan," this coverage grants forgiveness for one accident that occurs within a set period and prevents your premiums from rising.

Rental car reimbursement coverage

This coverage can reimburse for the cost of a rental car while yours is in the shop after a covered disaster and has been out of commission for more than 24 hours. 

New vehicle replacement coverage

This optional coverage can reimburse the cost of a comparable new car for customers who are a vehicle's original owner and have their vehicle stolen or totaled within one year or 15,000 miles.

Rideshare coverage

This coverage is only available in Colorado and Illinois currently and is an optional endorsement that can cover folks who use their vehicles for a rideshare service like Lyft. Coverage only applies to the period while your app is on but you haven't yet connected to a passenger. 

Named non-owner coverage

This coverage is meant for drivers who don't own a vehicle, and can protect you if you frequently drive but don't own a car of your own. Coverage is ideal for those who frequently rent cars, use rideshare vehicles, etc.

Travelers Homeowners & Property Insurance

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Landlord
  • Jewelry and valuable items coverage

Travelers' home insurance products are also sold through a team of independent insurance agents, making this coverage an ideal match for prospective customers who need the control of being able to customize their policies. Travelers' home insurance products may also be ideal for folks who live in colder climates, as coverage for roof collapses due to the weight of snow or ice and sleet is included, as is coverage for the freezing of plumbing, heating, and other home systems.

Travelers maintains excellent financial strength even after more than 165 years in the industry. However, their high ratings by the BBB and AM Best don't reflect all of the carrier's home insurance scores. J.D. Power's claims satisfaction survey in 2021 reported below-average scores for Travelers' products. Regardless, there are still many glowing customer reviews of the carrier's home insurance found across multiple websites.

Travelers Home Insurance Average Prices

To get our data for the national average home insurance prices per state, check out our home insurance calculator.

Travelers Home Insurance Discounts

Travelers' home insurance customers can save money on their premiums with the carrier's multi-policy discount, home buyer discount, loss-free discount, protective device discount, or green home discount.

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews

  • AM Best Travelers home insurance reviews: AM Best awarded Travelers their highest available rating of A++ or "superior" in terms of financial strength in 2022.
  • BBB Travelers home insurance reviews: The BBB's official rating for Travelers is A, but its customer reviews for the carrier's coverage are an average of only 1.11 out of 5.
  • NAIC Travelers homeowners insurance reviews: The NAIC reported fewer-than-average complaints concerning Travelers' homeowners insurance, with a score of 0.64 — well below the the median of 1.00.
  • J.D. Power Travelers homeowners insurance reviews: J.D. Power awarded Travelers home insurance a below-average rating for claims satisfaction in 2021.

Travelers Home Insurance Rates

For more information about Travelers' homeowners insurance rates, or to get a local quote for coverage, work with an independent insurance agent in your area. Travelers doesn't advertise its home insurance rates on the official website without obtaining a quote, but regardless, coverage rates vary depending on your location and other factors.

Travelers Standard Home Insurance Coverage Options

Coverage Type What It Does
Dwelling coverage This coverage can reimburse for the repair or rebuilding of your home's physical structure after it gets damaged or destroyed by a covered threat like fire or lightning.
Other structures coverage This coverage can reimburse for the repair or rebuilding of other structures on your property like sheds, garages, and fences if they get damaged/destroyed by covered disasters like fire or lightning.
Personal property coverage This coverage can reimburse for the repair or replacement of personal property in your home like clothing, furniture, electronics, etc. if they get damaged/destroyed by a covered threat like fire or lightning, or if they get stolen.
Loss of use coverage This coverage can help reimburse for additional living expenses if you must stay somewhere else while your home gets repaired after a covered disaster.
Personal liability coverage This coverage can reimburse for your legal costs if you or a member of your family gets sued by a third party for claims of personal property damage or bodily injury.

Beyond the standard home insurance coverages, Travelers also offers the following:

Jewelry and valuable items coverage

This optional endorsement can help extend the coverage limits for jewelry and other valuable items if they get lost, stolen, damaged, etc.

Identity fraud coverage

This optional policy endorsement can reimburse for up to $25,000 in expenses related to the restoration of your identity during/after an incident of fraud.

Green home coverage

This optional policy endorsement can reimburse for repair, replacement, or rebuilding costs to your home after a covered loss — with the use of green materials. 

Water backup and sump pump overflow coverage

This optional policy endorsement can cover water damage to your home if your sump pump backs up, discharges, or overflows into your home, up to a certain limit. Coverage for flood or surface water backup is not included, though.

Other Travelers Insurance Offerings

  • Umbrella insurance
  • Wedding and event insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Small business insurance
  • Truckers insurance

Buying multiple types of insurance at the same company, such as car insurance and homeowners insurance, can net you a significant discount on your premiums. Choosing a large company like Travelers makes it easy to get these “bundling” discounts, especially if your insurance needs change over time.

Travelers Insurance Discounts

Travelers offers extremely competitive discount programs for their customers, especially for car insurance. These discounts include:

  • Multiple policy discounts (such as bundling auto and homeowners insurance) 
  • Multi-car discounts
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Good student discounts (i.e., high school or college students maintaining a “B” average or above)
  • No coverage gaps discounts
  • Owning/leasing hybrid car discounts
  • New car discounts
  • Students away at school discounts
  • Shopping for quotes while still insured discounts
  • Electronic pay or on-time pay discounts
  • Driver training discounts

An independent insurance agent can help you find even more discounts available through Travelers Insurance, helping you get the most bang for your buck out of your coverage.


Connect with a Travelers Agent Today.

Shopping for insurance? Travelers has you covered.

Travelers Insurance Customer Service

Travelers allows customers to handle customer service issues over the phone or online, any time of the week. The following services are available to assist customers with questions, concerns, or claims:

  • Customer service questions/complaints and claims report representatives available 24/7
  • For qualifying car insurance customers, roadside assistance is available 24/7
  • Quote services available for extended hours, including evenings and weekends:  

Hours (EST)

Monday-Friday 8 am - 11 pm

Saturday 8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Sunday 8:30 am - 6 pm

Travelers sells insurance primarily through independent insurance agents. These agents can handle claims and customer insurance concerns for you, making customer service even easier.

What to Know about Travelers Home & Auto Insurance

Travelers was founded in 1853, making it one of the oldest insurance companies in the country. 

According to its website, Travelers has about 30,000 employees. They primarily sell insurance through independent insurance agents. Their independent agent network consists of about 13,500 agents in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. 

Travelers’ history and massive size has helped it earn a reputation as a notably stable company. AM Best, the leading global credit rating agency monitoring the insurance industry, gives Travelers their highest possible rating, "A++," indicating that it's one of the top insurance companies around today. The "A++" rating assures customers that Travelers Insurance company is highly capable of offering guaranteed, secure coverage from a trustworthy and reputable carrier.

Established in 1899, AM Best is one of the oldest rating companies in the world. Reviews from AM Best indicate an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness, and are based on comprehensive evaluations of the company’s operating performance, business profile, and balance sheet. For customers who aren’t as familiar with insurance companies’ reputations, AM Best’s rating system allows them to make an informed decision about who they can trust to meet their needs in the short term, and who remains a strong, financially sound company in the long term.

Travelers Insurance FAQs

While customer service is available through Travelers 24/7, unfortunately, claims response times will depend on the nature of the claim. The official website states that the type of claim and extent of the loss will impact the length of time required to resolve it.

That being said, one nice perk offered by Travelers is their catastrophe response. For claims relating to natural disasters or other catastrophic events, Travelers’ official website states that most claims are resolved within 30 days.

Travelers offers an 800 number for customers to call anytime day or night, any day of the week to speak with a customer service representative.

Travelers outlines its claims process in four simple steps:

  1. Customer contacted by Travelers: Travelers will contact the customer shortly after receiving a claim.
  2. Travelers evaluates the loss: Travelers' claims professional will evaluate the reported loss, which may include the need to schedule a visit from an adjuster. If no home visit is necessary, the claims rep will probably still need photo/video documentation from the customer. 
  3. Travelers resolves the claim: The claims rep will determine the final amount rewarded to the customer, factoring in any deductibles. The customer can have a check sent to them by mail or can choose to get an electronic payment.
  4. Travelers might recover the deductible: Travelers may try to redeem your deductible, if your reported loss was caused by a third party. Depending on the outcome, you may have part or all of your deductible amount reimbursed along with the rest of your claim payout. A partial or total deductible reimbursement can take longer than the rest of the claims process.

An independent insurance agent can file claims directly through Travelers for you, and keep you updated through every step of the process.

When it comes to both applying for coverage and submitting insurance claims, Travelers creates a highly user-friendly experience for prospective and current customers alike. Coverage applications can be filled out via the official website or over the phone, and certain states even offer applications through Amazon. With just your ZIP code and some general information about yourself and your home (or car, or whatever you’re applying coverage for), you’ll receive a quote from Travelers almost immediately. In less than five minutes, you can go from pulling up the application to discussing quotes and policies with a Travelers independent insurance agent.

Though submitting insurance claims may not be a fun task, fortunately, Travelers makes the process as close to hassle-free as possible. Thanks to the easily accessible claims portal on the official company website, customers can quickly find important information about the claims process as well as a detailed outline of steps they need to take. Filing and tracking claims can all be done through the company’s website, making the entire experience just about as user-friendly as it gets.

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