AWS (Amazon Web Services) Tutorial: Basics for Beginners

AWS Tutorial Summary

AWS (Amazon Web Service) is a cloud computing platform that enables users to access on demand computing services like database storage, virtual cloud server, etc. This online course will give an in-depth knowledge on EC2 instance as well as useful strategy on how to build and modify instance for your own applications.

What should I know?

This AWS learning guide is designed for beginners. Basic knowledge on cloud computing, networking, storage, security, will be an additional help.

AWS Syllabus


👉 Lesson 1 What is AWS? — Amazon Cloud Services Tutorial
👉 Lesson 2 AWS EC2 Tutorial — How to Create EC2 Instance in AWS: Step by Step Tutorial

Advanced Stuff!

👉 Lesson 1 AWS EC2 Instance — Change Instance Type, Security Group, Termination Protection
👉 Lesson 2 What is AWS Lambda? — Lambda Function with Examples
👉 Lesson 3 AWS Certification Guide — Cost, Courses, Salary, Exam Details

Must Know!

👉 Lesson 1 Azure Vs. AWS — Key Differences
👉 Lesson 2 Heroku Vs. AWS — Most Important Differences You Must Know!
👉 Lesson 3 Digitalocean Vs. AWS — What’s the Difference?
👉 Lesson 4 Google Cloud Vs AWS — Difference Between AWS and GCP
👉 Lesson 5 BEST AWS Alternatives — 20 BEST AWS Competitors & Alternatives
👉 Lesson 6 AWS Interview Questions — Top 50 AWS Interview Questions & Answers